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AAA Music | 28 October 2020

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Monthly Archives: April 2015


30 April 2015 |

For real music nuts, hearing certain songs for the first time is comparable to falling desperately in love…

The intense obsession of the first few listens (normally in rapid succession) lead to the realisation of what may occur if behaviour … Read More


29 April 2015 |

‘Baby Blue’ by Action Bronson featuring Chance The Rapper with production from Mark Ronson – what a great combination!

Mr Wonderful is a big album for Action Bronson, one that will define his career, and it seems he has the backing of the best … Read More

SERPENTYNE – Myths & Muses

28 April 2015 |

The Middle Ages are not over yet. They still survive, suspended in an underground limbo populated by an imaginary of symbols, myths and legends. Now and again, they come to light inspiring artistic works and revealing an enviable originality, despite the … Read More

SAMBA TOURÉ – Gandadiko

27 April 2015 |

Today, now that the threat of war seems, if not forgotten, at least more distant than two years ago, Mali has finally recovered its cultural freedom and artistic fertility. Desert blues and bluesmen, after being endangered and persecuted for political reasons … Read More

CALLAGHAN – A History Of Now

24 April 2015 |

Talented British singer songwriter Callaghan moved from London to the USA in 2010. She’s extensively toured 46 states and is known for her 2012 album Life in Full Colour, produced by Grammy nominated artist Shawn Mullins. Her influences include Johnny … Read More

THE BASTARD SONS – Release The Hounds

24 April 2015 |

York-based five-piece, The Bastard Sons, have a knack for writing a catchy track. If you aren’t nodding along after 15 seconds, you won’t, because ‘Release the Hounds’ is much the same throughout; sing along (well, mumble, maybe) vocal hooks, riffs … Read More

Tallinn Music Week 2015 – Live Review

23 April 2015 |

25-29th March, Estonia

The seventh edition of Tallinn Music Week was a spectacular affair. The Estonian capital was packed as locals and international delegates swarmed to see talent from the local region and beyond. Stunning churches; state rooms decorated … Read More

GALLOWS – Bonfire Season

23 April 2015 |

Gallows’ latest track could easily be mistaken for a mellow Slipknot track. Musically, anyway. Wade MacNeil reminds us that it’s not a Slipknot song, but ‘Bonfire Season’ from recently released Desolation Sounds.

For Gallows fans, this might not be what … Read More


22 April 2015 |

Portico is a curious reincarnation derived from highly acclaimed Portico Quartet. While Portico Quartet tended to work in experimental jazz, the current project of Duncan Bellamy, Milo Fitzpatrick and Jack Wyllie is even less restrained by the limits of genres. … Read More

Theo Jackson – Live @ St. James Theatre

21 April 2015 |

Saturday 18th April, London

Impressive vocalist, pianist and songwriter Theo Jackson originally read music at Durham University, but he’s recently been busy performing at prestigious jazz clubs and major festivals including Rye, Cheltenham and Love Supreme.

Theo’s debut album, Shoeless … Read More