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AAA Music | 18 November 2018

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Can Music Affect How Much You Spend in Casinos?

| On 20, Feb 2017


Psychologists have noticed that correctly chosen music influences on person’s mood and well-being, changing it for the better or worse no matter whether he/she plays the best online slot games in virtual casinos websites or card games in a traditional gambling house. It is connected with many factors: a genre of music, associations with a certain song, individual preferences, etc. But there is no escaping from the fact that exactly music can cheer up, relax and even calm down anyone. It is a very interesting phenomenon that was noticed by owners of casinos who use music for personal aims. The same idea was mentioned by players who either spend too much when hearing the music or don’t wish to play at all.

Background music in gambling halls


As a rule, players who visit casinos don’t pay much attention to the songs in this or that luxurious hall. In the meantime, every single note does have a great effect. Casinos workers do their best at choosing the right background music, thus creating a necessary atmosphere and mood, automatically making guests keep playing and spending money.

Usually, every zone of a gambling house has its own melodies. For instance, people who play at tables that are used for card games and roulette can often hear lounge, whereas visitors who play slots hear something cheerful. Speaking of slots more precisely, developers choose music so that it is positive, alive and loud to create an atmosphere of fun and a special day. Of course, players love it and keep playing more and more spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Headphones – are half the battle


More and more players started noticing that music in casinos doesn’t only motivate to play and win more but also lose. That’s why they came up with the idea to wear headphones with their own playlists that help them concentrate on the game. For example, the most prominent card players visit casinos only with personal earphones. They claim that absence of noise and standard melodies help them to gamble at a higher level, hence avoid losing large sums of money.

By the way, at times earphones are really irreplaceable during poker or blackjack tournaments. Very often, if a competitor wants to distract other players, he/she might shout something that influences on the thinking process. That’s why headphones are a great way to avoid arguments and lead a profitable game.

Music in virtual casinos websites


The majority of online gaming websites also use soft music. It is aimed at relaxing players, help them relieve distress and rest with maximum comfort. Yet still, the biggest part of a background music is accounted for slot machines. When creating new slots, developers are trying to include original sound effects that make the game more exciting and bright. From the one hand, it is an advantage as the person enjoys the gaming process but from the other hand, it slowly lures one into the world of unreasonable bets and money losses.