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AAA Music | 23 June 2018

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The Top 5 Rock And Roll Mobile Slots

| On 22, Feb 2017

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Online slots often have a strong theme to set the mood and keep the game flowing and the players spinning and, hopefully, wining. Some online bingo games have been taken the style further by fusing music into the actual game.

Songs that are about pop culture are especially a favourite with slot fans, with new online games now buying TV and film franchises.

Naturally, rock and roll blends well with casino gaming. Here are 5 top rock and roll slots perfect for mobile slot lovers who are also fans of the music genre.


Famed globally for their punchy lines and fast, sharp riffs and influential in this music genre, Motorhead’s Lemmy and the gang have become a symbol of rock in its purest form. Their music and art makes rock look like Siamese twins for slot themes; just like their video slot from NetEnt.

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Gene Simmons is famously business-minded and is largely credited for turning KISS into one of the most widely licensed singing groups in history; including lending their name and image to a number of slot games.

Some of KISS’s most iconic slot symbols are Love Gun, which introduces the bonus round; Space Ace, Demon and Starchild.

Dolly Parton

You may argue Dolly’s not exactly rock and roll, but, heck, she has her own slot. She’s another smart, commercially-inclined music artist, evidenced by her practical approach to get her slot games licensed and then promoting them.

There are a couple of titles themed after some of her hit tracks like Jolene and 9 to 5. The games features Dolly herself in concert, and are displayed at the right moments, which is an inspiring sight when you’re about to make a good win and if you’re particularly a Dolly music lover.

Guns N’Roses

Axl Rose is somewhat known for being a volatile artist, but graciously for slot players, Gun N’Roses’ video slot isn’t quite unpredictable.

Another slot offered on NetEnt, Guns N’Roses will keep slot fans slowly tapping and banging their heads along to those popular lines in classics like Sweet Child, Back in Black, and Welcome to the Jungle.

Like the rest, it is one of the available on mobile slots and mobile casinos and is one of the most popular slot games in 2017.

The game itself is quite straightforward, but the wins available a huge, pleasant contrast; especially when the bonus round gets into full gear.

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Rolling Stones

Perhaps the most famous rock and rock band in history, Rolling Stones are iconic as relevant and strong as ever — more than 50 years after foraying into the world of music. With their iconic status, it’s just natural to expect they will also have their own themed slot games.

The symbol of the Rolling Stones featured slot games are the tongue and lips (not surprisingly), and the game is loaded with video clips of the band in live concert.

Another enticing feature is the band member bonus, with each member of the iconic group expressed in their own symbols all through the game and providing an extra element for fans.