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AAA Music | 22 May 2018

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In Perfect Harmony

| On 31, Mar 2017

We as a race love to have a bet, and we have gambled on almost everything. Ancient history tells us how soldiers used to spin their  shields on the ground to bet on an outcome, and who has never as a child watched two raindrops chase each other down a window pane?

The online gaming industry has always been a t the forefront when it comes to championing new technology and tapping into those realms which bridge barriers between genres and technology should come as no surprise.

Over the last few years players have enjoyed in influx or sport related slots which coincided with major sporting events that take place about the world, but more so they have been treated to a boost in music related slots that have actually taken pole position from the sports games.

This might come as a surprise to some, but if you take a look at trends, gaming cultures, and patterns in popularity, music themes are ticking all the right boxes.

Fashion is a fickle Mistress but if a certain musician hits all the right notes with someone they might be tempted into playing a game of slots with that particular artist or band featured on it. Music related slots are exactly like sports themed ones, in order to succeed they have ooze appeal to potential players.

Of course the soundtrack is also crucial in the make or break of a game. Provide a slot that has durability is wise, and providing one with a classic soundtrack is clever.

Several of the top online slots developers released music themed slots in 2016. These included artists like Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and Guns N Roses, and you couldn’t get much better soundtracks help your game along!

The special features in theses music themed games are also intersperse with elements of that particular genre, like a band member represent a winning value or bonus, You may even hear a snippet of a certain song when you are entering the money zone, or enjoy some lighting effects. All of these things are adding to positive playability.

Being able to play wherever and whenever you chose has also boosted the popularity of online slots, as many of the games transfer over to the smaller screen perfectly. If you take a look at a site like you will find a great selection of slots for your mobile together with some outstanding bonuses and promotional offers to explore.

We might be a nation that enjoys a bet but we also are a nation of music lovers, and combining the two is simple bliss for many.