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How To Prepare For Your Best Bestival Yet

| On 30, Aug 2017


Are you heading for Bestival 2017? Whether this is your first festival or your fiftieth, it pays to be prepared. If you have everything you need to make yourself comfortable and relaxed, you’ll enjoy the whole experience much more – and it will be even more fun than you imagined! You’ve read the reviews and checked out the photos – now it’s time to start packing for your best festival yet! Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, help is at hand in the form of our handy guide – read on to find out everything you need to bring…

Somewhere to lay your head

Take your time to choose a decent tent that will keep you warm and dry for the whole event. Have a go at putting it up before you go – there’s nothing worse than arriving at a festival only to miss the first acts because you’re wrestling with a bit of canvas! Get good sleeping bag too so that you can get some shut-eye when you need it – no matter how hardcore you are, you will need a little rest from time to time!

Toilet roll

Never assume that you’ll be able to get your hands on toilet roll during the festival – this stuff, easily found at home, is like gold dust among Bestival goers! There is nothing worse than attempting to sort yourself out with a little square or worse yet, nothing at all – so bypass this embarrassing landmine and make sure you bring a few rolls!

Wind-up torch

Although it might be tempting to consider this a geeky item that only your dad would think of, a wind-up torch can come in very handy during festival time. When everyone else is stumbling about in the dark, you’ll be ready to navigate whatever lies ahead – including those rather suspect portable toilets!


Unless you’re lucky enough to live right next to the Bestival site, you’re going to have to do a bit of travelling to get there. Prevent the doldrums of a dull journey by bringing your smartphone. have some great bingo sites you can pay by phone bill – it will go by in a flash and your mates will wonder what your secret is! It’s also worth bringing a portable charger so that you use your phone and play your favourite games whenever there’s a quiet few minutes between bands.

Sun cream

Even if it’s not especially sunny, don’t assume you won’t burn. You can get burnt in the shade, or even when it seems quite cloudy. If you’ve ever experienced sunburn before – you’ll know that it could ruin your festival experience. Avoid lying writhing in your tent while everyone else enjoys themselves by choosing the right sun protection for your skin type.

Don’t forget a decent rucksack for carrying your all-important festival kit, and maybe consider packing some squash to curb those hangovers. Most importantly, if you do forget anything – don’t panic and just focus on the fun, after all, that’s exactly what you came for!