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AAA Music | 26 March 2019

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Daily Archives: 5 October 2017

AAA Music Approved: Natalie Gelman

5 October 2017 |

Who are you and where are you from?

Natalie Gelman. I grew up in NYC but I’m based in Ojai, CA now where I’ve been based for 6 years. It was a big change moving from such a big city … Read More

The Entertainment Industry In A Digital World

5 October 2017 |

The advent of the digital age that we are currently living in has changed many aspects of our daily lives. The entertainment industry in particular has undergone a massive change. There are more forms of entertainment available now than there … Read More

Slowdive – Live @ Huxleys Neue Welt

5 October 2017 |

Tuesday 3rd October, Berlin

It’s difficult to overstate Slowdive’s influence on modern indie music: The Horrors, Tame Impala, DIIV, Grizzly Bear and even The xx have all borrowed elements from the newly reformed English five-piece. Although Slowdive weren’t the … Read More

Online Games Based On Musicians

5 October 2017 |

There are thousands of online games available over the internet and many are getting added up each day. Many of the online games have spectacular themes which attract the players to try them. There are also some instances where the … Read More