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AAA Music | 19 May 2024

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AAA Music Approved: Alex Hedley

| On 10, Nov 2017

Alex Hedley- interview

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Alex Hedley and I am from Swanage in Dorset, UK.

What inspired you to get into music?

Hmmm, I don’t know I’m probably going to say a mixture of Tony Hawks and music television back in the day when I was like 12. Plus my dad had a guitar so I used to try to play that.

What have you done?

I released an album with my last band ‘Saturday Sun’, one track of which – ‘Seagull’ – went kind of ‘viral’, as they might say… I’ve toured endlessly throughout Europe since 2010 and also released one EP of my own… and here we are about to release the second.

What are you like live?

Hard to say… I think it’s one of those things where you get some golden moments and some of it can be quite sketchy… sort of like in Nirvana un-plugged where its good but kind of raw! That’s not to say that my stuff is anywhere on the same scale as that but… on my own scale I think that’s a good representation.

What makes you different?

Well I’ve been wondering this a lot myself for a long time… and it’s strange because I feel like this last EP has sort of given me a bit of direction now… it’s odd because I think people are always searching and searching for something but it’s usually right there in front of them but they have to wait until the obvious thing gets presented to them… so with me I’m really moving into this thing at the moment of representing the area that I’m from, Swanage… I think my sound has always been that anyway but I haven’t been on board with it in my mind… but now I’m starting to realise that this is the picture that I’m trying to paint musically…. and now visually too which will hopefully complete the puzzle.

Physical vs Downloading vs Streaming…How do you listen to music?

I stream music because I don’t have any money to buy it. if I had money then I’d buy it but all my money gets spent on fuel to go and play my music to people… so I don’t feel too guilty taking a bit back for myself… if I had money though I’d probably feel a bit guilty not supporting the artists that I’m listening too and would buy the stuff!

What have you been listening to?

Recently I’ve been listening to John Moreland, Lucinda Williams, David Rawlings, Porter and the Bluebonnet Rattle Snakes. I’ve been having a sort of country/Americana time recently.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Keep on keepin’ on :) music always and forever!

Questions answered by: Alex Hedley…