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AAA Music | 1 July 2022

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Mammút + Broen – Live @ Norwich Arts Centre

| On 06, Dec 2017

Monday 27th November, Norwich

Norwich Arts Centre has a reputation for attracting the more eclectic type of bands than other venues in the city and tonight is no exception – we have two bands making waves in the Northern European music world at the moment with Broen (from Norway) and Mammút (from Iceland). Both bands have recently signed to the acclaimed and respected Bella Union label, which champions the more arty side of current new music.

Broen come on in colourful headgear with the sight of a tuba which signifies their sound that cannot be pigeonholed as it combines elements of trip-hop, jazz, RnB, psychedelia, dance and electronica and a really refreshing sound. As my mate said, “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea”, but I really liked them and live they were utterly charming and could have a big future ahead if their music was more accessible

Mammút on the other hand have a game plan for big things and they have been around for quite a few years. Once singing in Icelandic, they now sing in English on fourth album Kinder Versions. The vocals of Kata Morgenson are indeed an extra instrument and she is quite an extraordinary singer in this band. The live show is captivating with Kata reeling in the crowd, with her piercing eyes and picking out individuals with her intense staring. The songs ebb and flow like the sea with crashing waves of sound and gentler calmer interludes. Of course at times she does sound a little like Björk, but the music is very different and the live experience is pure energy and like Broen cannot be placed into any one genre. An example of this is when Kata and the guitarist Arnar Pétursson seemingly start bashing into each other like demented punk rockers on one of their fiercer rockier songs and on the next song there is a calmness that induces a haunting and mesmerising performance.

Expect to hear more about these truly talented bands in the future as they could become household names (in an ideal world). Next summer’s festivals would be a good place to start to see them!

Nige Nudds