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AAA Music | 14 July 2024

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How Streaming Platforms Are Changing Music Promotion

| On 01, Mar 2018


Gone are the times when everyone owns an album to listen to the songs. There were days when the artists must submit their songs to radio stations for airplay. Music streaming applications like Spotify and Apple Music have changed the way music is delivered to the people these days.

Singers and lyricists are now trying to adjust to the world where everyone prefers to stream the songs. It still is not financially viable for most artists. However, a silver lining to these artists comes in the form of the new discovery and promotion technology in these applications. It looks like the artists are still trying to understand the endless potential of these streaming applications. A UK mobile casino that has a wide variety of online mobile slots has come up with this brief research on how streaming platforms are changing the music discovery and promotions. Singers

Discover Weekly playlist

Spotify, one of the first application to start streaming songs, is not yet able to compensate the artists adequately let alone make a profit. But through their new Discover Weekly playlist, they can take the artist to a much wider audience. The Discover Weekly playlist is a well-thought mix of songs that are chosen an algorithm with a slight human touch. Is this enough? It doesn’t help the artist pay the bills. But it does create opportunities for the artists so that they can take the songs out to a new demographic.

The piracy issue created a huge setback for the music world when it was digitized. So, when streaming became a new norm, musicians embraced it and even welcomed it. It was applauded for creating promotion and exposure by reaching out to people of different demographics. Playlists warrant a special mention here. The extent of the reach of the playlist can be understood by the following examples.

Did you know Danny Ocean a Venezuelan artist’s career was solely launched by Spotify? The technology behind the Discover Weekly playlist identified the increasing interest in his song and added it to the playlist. The Latin star went from being an unknown artist to be a star in a matter of months. Another example is Ron Pope, who is a songwriter. His story is a rag to riches story. His success comes without the help of a label or even notable radio play. He supposedly earned £250,000 just from streaming, which would have been impossible a few years back.

Free Promotion and analytical services

Along with helping new artists launch their career, the streaming applications now provide analytical services to their artists about their listeners. The artists would have to spend big money for this information a decade back. Earlier, artists would have to pay up to £10,000 for a radio campaign. The artists would have to submit a copy of the song and the stations would give them airplay. The main benefit from this campaign would be information on the location of the listeners and the frequency. But with the streaming services, they are providing it to the artist for free.

Single point for all information

With the birth of social media, it was the only place where you would get information about the artists, their tour dates, album etc. But with the streaming applications on the rise, these not only streams the songs but provides complete information on the artist too. As the competition increases among the streaming applications, they provide options to maintain a profile, pictures, list the concert dates, and even merchandise for the fans. Everything is consolidated and available in the same place where the listeners stream the music.

Playlist is the new future

Not everyone is on board with the streaming applications being the new future. With the streaming applications comes diminishing record sales and that frightens many. While one cannot assume that the future of Music is in the playlists, people cannot strive to go back to the pre-streaming phase. With the Music world transforming at a fast rate, it is important that artists go along with the flow to reap the benefits.