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AAA Music | 2 July 2022

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The Power Of Music In Slot Games

| On 10, Oct 2018


Music is powerful. It can motivate people, bring their morale up or down, make them sad or extremely happy. It can be used for the good or the bad.

In the gambling world, music is being used for the good. It is well-known that in the land casinos, sounds are being used to create the perfect ambiance for the people to gamble in. Slow music is played to help everyone in the casino relax and enjoy what they’re doing. But is this only applying to a brick-and-mortar establishment?

As some studies have shown before, this is not the case. Subjects were asked to play 2 different types of slot machines, one that was playing music and had fewer chances of winning and one that was playing no music but had increased chances of winning. The result was that most of the participants preferred the first type due to the sensations and entertainment that the slot was delivering. This not only proves that the sounds heighten one’s senses and the gaming experience overall, but it also disguises the losing spins.

The gamblers nowadays started to show more and more interest in playing online than going out. The environment that could often be found in a land casino is hard to recreate online. People hitting the buttons, music slowly playing in the background, the graphics, and overall experience is hard to bring to life online. That’s why, slots providers had to come out with something new, something that would make them superior to the others. Audio clips associated with the gameplay, payouts, and bonuses were no longer viable. This is how musical themed games made their debut on the market. Slot machines based on TV tracks, songs, artists, and rock bands started to take over the users’ hearts and advance up to the most popular picks. Games such as Jimi Hendrix, Gun N’ Roses, Motorhead, X Factor Steps to Stardom or Elvis the King are just a few of the best titles which rock the casinos in the present.All of them can be found on the new casinos from Kingcasinobonus and they assure the maximum entertainment.

Players will notice continuous advances in the quality of games, bringing together musical and audio aspects with game features, animations and, of course, bonuses.Therefore, the sounds and the music will always have a special place when it comes to gaming experience while playing slots.