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AAA Music | 10 July 2020

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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Benefits Of Working Out With Music

30 April 2019 |

Nowadays most people have embraced the era of working out. People now work out for various reasons but mostly to boost their health. The concept of listening to music as you work out has always been there. However, we are … Read More

Teleman + ᙀᖺ – Live @ Cambridge Junction

27 April 2019 |

Tuesday 23rd April, Cambridge

Starting tonight’s proceedings is ᙀᖺ (Uh), who are an electronic duo and use keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines and a whole host of sound effects to create a sound that is both challenging and seldom easy on … Read More

Joanna Eden – Live @ The Pheasantry

18 April 2019 |

Friday 12th April, London

The charming jazz singer and pianist Joanna Eden is often compared with Nora Jones and Diana Krall. She’s performed her original music worldwide and received enthusiastic reviews for her albums.

This Pheasantry evening was largely a … Read More

Do’s and Don’ts of Vocal Exercising for Singers

4 April 2019 |

A lot of singers tend to believe that if they don’t regularly perform their vocal health must be fine. Unfortunately, this is common misbehavior that every singer hold. Bear in mind that if you wrongly belt our in karaoke or … Read More

The Six Biggest Benefits of Being a Pro DJ

3 April 2019 |

For millions of amateur musicians across the UK, the dream is (of course) to go pro. You’ve discovered you’ve got a flair for making music, you’ve secured finance for the latest DJ equipment and you’re pretty much good to go. … Read More