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AAA Music | 27 September 2020

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3 Crowd Control Management Tips for Concerts

| On 13, Aug 2019

From crowd control disasters like the infamous Who concert in 1979 to the 500 people who were injured during a Michael Jackson concert, we know the last thing you want is for something similar to happen at your venue.

But when you combine rabid fans with smaller or just jam-packed spaces, and it’s easy to see how horrible tragedies can happen.

It’s never too early to start developing a crowd control strategy for an upcoming concert at your space.

Read on to learn about the most important crowd control management tips to follow to ensure everyone stays safe and has a great time.

1. Hire Extra Security and Ushers

We emphasize “extra” here because far too many venues underestimate just how many security officials it takes to keep an excited crowd under control.

Hire more event staff than you think you need to keep trash and debris from clogging up the aisles and potentially posing a safety risk.

Hire extra security so that if something goes wrong, you’ll have plenty of professionals to either escort people safely out of the space or end a potentially dangerous incident.

Always have plenty of ushers on hand, too.

Anything you can do to help cut down on confusion (which leads to people walking the opposite way in a large crowd) or to help people get to their correct seats faster is always a bonus.

2. Consider Check-In Line Policies

Next up on our list of crowd control techniques?

Make sure you have several of them at various entrance points in your event space. Again, hire staff to direct people towards the shortest lines, prevent cuts, and get things moving faster.

Clearly label each section, including any VIP sections, so that attendees can find their space quickly. Use as much signage as possible to make everything clear. You can also try things like an appointment waitlist management app to help manage lines and direct people towards where they need to go.

3. Keep Performers Safe

Many inexperienced venues don’t take the safety of their performers into consideration when planning crowd control tactics.

Remember to keep a minimum of 15-30 feet between the stage and attendees for larger venues, and at least a five-foot gap for smaller venues. Depending on the star power, you may also want to invest in gates, and have extra security near the front row.

This prevents people from rushing the stage and disrupting the show — and possibly harming the perform. It also gives you plenty of space to monitor any dancing, moshing, or crowd surfing that’s happening.

Try These Crowd Control Techniques at Your Next Event

Whether you’ve had issues with crowd control in the past, or if you’re hosting a bigger performer than you’re used to, it’s always in everyone’s best interests to plan ahead when it comes to crowd control.

In addition to letting everyone enjoy the event, it also protects you from a potential lawsuit!

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