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The Significance of 3D movies

| On 07, Oct 2019

3D movies became extremely popular in the 2000s and the world was gaga over it. It was the time to switch over from normal motion picture and renowned filmmakers came up with innovative plots to utilize it fully. Even some of the popular scratch card and slot games at have 3D effects. However, of late there has been a school of thought that has come up with a notion that the end is near for three-dimensional films. Some critics say that with the emergence of newer technological forms like VFX, 3D will soon die a natural death. This argument seems far from true. Not only are 3D films doing well, but also saving the film industry to some extent.

Major factors contributing to 3D films

With the emergence of web-based mediums like Netflix, 3D movies have found more prominence. To lure more customers, older films are being released in the 3D format for a premium viewing experience. And because 3D films cost a bit more, it is adding to the coffers of the distribution companies as well. In fact, quite a lot of people prefer watching versions of films compared to the standard 2D ones. 3D versions have engaging graphics and better sound than the standard ones.

Typically, there are 2 kinds of 3D movies that are shot, and they affect the experience that you have. The ones that are good are shot with high-end stereoscopic cameras in three-dimensional format. For example, popular films like Avatar and Gravity have been created with high-end stereoscopic cameras and so they have wonderful sequences and audio score. Some of the animated films also have engaging 3D effects, which make them so popular at the box office. On the other hand, there are substandard films that do not have real 3D effects of the camera and can be annoying to the audience.

Filmmakers need to create good 3D movies to lure audiences

Even converting 2D movies to 3D version has its own fit falls if they are not done with the best gadgets. In quite a lot of instances, substandard 3D movies created discomfort for the audience, including headaches, eye pain, nausea and even double vision. Moreover, the quality of the 3D glasses that you are wearing also determines the standard and quality of viewing. This is a common instance with low budget horror or action flicks. With too many imperfections, they can be a menace rather than a good experience. To conclude, it is up to the filmmakers to utilise the best gadgets in place to make great 3D movies. Good 3D movies are way above the standard ones, thanks to the amazing graphics they have. And with the inception of web-based entertainment, 3D is here to stay and become better as time moves on. In 2004 when the IMAX format was introduced, 3D became a huge hit. At that point in time, television sets too started becoming 3D friendly with HD and LED screens. It is expected that 3D will become better in the coming days as well.