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AAA Music | 28 May 2020

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Online slot addiction problems: Signs and Symptoms

| On 27, Feb 2020

When it comes to gaming online with a slot machine, it can be easy to get a bond with the machine or game that you are playing, which, although is ridiculous, is also an unbeatable truth.

There comes a time when you are addicted to a game that you are playing where you may even start getting to feel a fondness for that particular machine or game and some players even feel a bit of irritation if anybody else goes to play that machine – it is theirs, nobody else’s, in their mind.

If you play slot machines and you find that you are playing games for longer than you had planned or that you are spending more money than you can afford to spend because you are playing slot games, or you find that you are telling lies around how much you win or lose, then it is a sign that you may have an online slot addiction. As well as this, there are many other signs of slot addiction that you can look out for. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for fun, play now at

Believing you are not gambling with money that is real 

When you are gaming online, it can be all too easy to forget that you are playing with real money, and as such can make it all the more easy to over spend as well, and this is something that when you are an addict you may feel. 

Because you feel like the money you are gaming with is not real, it means that you are more likely to overspend when you are playing with an online slot game and so that can get you into trouble if you start to over spend regularly. 

Believing that you win back money that you lose on a slot game 

It can be easy to think that you can win back any money that you lose when you are playing an online slot game but the reality is that most of us if not all of us will not, and as such it is a good rule of thumb to remember that you can not win back money that you have lost, once it is gone it is gone. 

Not only that, but it is worth bearing in mind that when you are playing a game for money or anything to do with money, keeping an eye on this is a good indicator as to whether or not you are addicted to playing online slots. 

Thinking about slots when you are away from them 

Now obviously, we all have moments where it is easy to think about having a drink, but we are at the office in the middle of work but the difference is that these thoughts soon pass and they are just that – passing thoughts. 

Thinking about slots when you are away from them is a problem when it gets in the way of day to day life like working. Another rule of thumb to remember is that if you think you have a slot game addiction, then you probably do.