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Lloyds Banking Group and Gamban partnership

| On 17, Mar 2020

Lloyds Banking Group has partnered with Gamban, a software provider. The main aim of this partnership is to ensure that the Lloyds Bank customers are able to self-exclude themselves from gambling-related activities in a way to control the influence of this activity. 

Problem gambling has been on the rise and it is actually important to ensure that there is a safer practice of gambling activity. The software provider has come up with a software which is able to exclude or automatically stop the continuous withdrawal of funds specifically for gambling-related activities.

Lloyds’ steps to prevent gambling-related harm

The financial institution named here is one of the leading banking institutions around. The huge number of customers have been sampled from a variety of backgrounds meaning it might be a challenge in controlling their spending habits. Lloyds Banking Group noted some excess expenditure associated with gambling-related activities and this made the bank enhance some reinforcement so as to reduce the high rates of problem gambling. 

Most punters in Europe have adopted a poor gambling mentality which has eventually run their accounts empty in a short whirl. The Bank has partnered with Gamban one of the largest software producers and has come up with a self-exclusion software that shall assist the punters to effectively control their gambling expenditure thereby reducing the harm caused by problem gamblers and other vulnerable groups.

Pros of the Partnership with Customers

A lot of advantages may accrue as a result of this possible partnership. It is also good for you as a gambler to explore well these advantages and utilize them in one way or the other.

Free Gamban

The partnership which I can say is fruitful has brought about significant changes to the gambling industry in a way or the other. Most punters can easily control their gambling behavior as a result of the readily available Gamban software which is absolutely free to customers in this banking institution. Customers can now freely control their gambling patterns or spending habits using self-exclusion software. Their gambling habits may now easily be controlled and the poor spending behavior could be easily managed by punters of any kind using this self-exclusive software.

Block not only cards but internet activity

The bank has partnered with one of the best software providers around to effectively protect their customers and the vulnerable groups. This has seen the start of blocking of the credit and debit cards available for online betting with no verification procedure once you use the software for the purpose of managing gambling-related harm. It has gone further and now you may not be able to access the internet for the purposes of gambling once you are a client and using this application. 

This has greatly reduced the rate of problem gamblers among clients and a good expenditure record is expected to come out from most of the customers. The internet activities have a way of enticing people and if well controlled then it is one of the best advancements to be embraced across all fields.

Convenient usability through Llyods App

The banking application which has provided a smooth and stable financial environment for many has ever been reliable and convenient in helping reduce the increased rates of problem gambling. Not only Lloyds Group but HSBC Bank allows blocking gambling transactions that help problem gamblers a lot. You may use the application to self-exclude yourself for a given period of time and as well remove the limits wherever you may wish. 

As previously stated, it is important to appreciate that the application can as well limit the Internet activities and this tells us how safe you are whirl using the application.


Great thanks to the Lloyds Banking Group for the innovative partnership which is there specifically to protect the interest of the customers and the company itself at large. Such positive measures will help people understand better how gambling should be more of a recreational activity rather than a criminal related activity.