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AAA Music | 29 May 2020

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Possible Сhanges to Betting Advertising from Football Association

| On 17, Mar 2020

The one-year relationship between the famous Ladbrokes and the Football Association finally came to an end. The FA board held a meeting in the recent past had concluded that it would most definitely end the sponsorships which are attached to betting companies. The UK government together with anti-gambling campaigners have joined arms to ensure that the broadcasting agreement made between the betting companies and FA has been canceled. 

In the contract, the duo had agreed that some of the FA matches were to be viewed through betting websites. IMG the sports agency signed a deal with FA that entailed a provision that allowed selling online streaming rights to a few of the FA matches. This deal was later on concluded and most of the UK betting firms including Ladbrokes and Betfair were affected.

Government Сriticized FA about Betting Ads

The UK government sharply criticized the Football Association for betting advertisements during different matches. There should be enough control of the amount and type of betting advertisements during a match. This will greatly help in protecting the vulnerable groups especially the kids and the problem gamblers. 

Gambling content should be controlled to these types of individuals as a way of ensuring it does not remain the only activity to engage in. By so doing, betting content shall be directed to the right audience in the right manner. The government restricts, by all means, any loopholes including UK sports betting companies that don’t use Gamstop scheme or any leak of gambling content to the public in any given manner. 

Limiting football fans may be a challenge as football is a legal and popular sport this means people of all ages can watch a football match. In this sense the children may not miss out on the betting advertisement which eventually affects them negatively.

How Ads Could Impact Problem Gamblers?

Betting and gambling advertisements may negatively impact problem gamblers to a greater extent. Most of the betting advertisements inside applications lure them to keep on betting during the gameplay and it could make one bet on as many games as possible. 

One of the FA superstars was noted betting for over 1200 matches in a span of not more than 3 months. People may overstay at the bookmakers where the FA matches are being shown and this gives them an extra reason to bet on any match he may wish. As a result, compulsive gambling becomes the main course leaving many punters’ great addiction to gambling and betting related activities.

Will Betting Ads Follow the Gambling Ads Scenario?

Betting ads are most likely following the gambling ad scenario because a complete ban is most likely to be imposed especially during the match. Just like gambling advertisements this type of advertisement needs some specific control so as we help in minimizing these high rates of problem gamblers?  

It shall be ok if the ads will be completely removed during a football match. This will greatly reduce the bad effect gambling has been imposing on people. People have kept on betting during the match in most cases. Similarly, the trend keeps on influencing a greater population and it definitely results in people overspending on gambling-related activities leaving out more important activities.


Gambling and betting in the UK are legal to all ages except children who are not allowed to bet at any point. Increased betting advertisements make people think more about betting than the real game. This has led most of the fans to engage in gambling-related activities. 

The recent ban shall bring significant changes to the way advertisements should be made in a way of safeguarding the interest of many interested parties.