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What is GamStop and Why It Was Created

| On 19, Mar 2020

If you’ve been into gambling and you’re currently living in the UK, you probably heard of a service called Gamstop quite a few times. However, most of the rumors circling gamblers aren’t really true regarding this service, which is why we decided to write a review and reveal everything there is to know about this service making sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before applying or outright refusing the benefits it offers. Keep in mind that many people confuse GamStop with Gamestop but they are totally different things. Gamestop is a platform that offers gamestop games for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and other consoles while GamStop is a platform that helps gamblers limit their presence on online gambling sites, which we’ll explain in detail further in this article.

To bring the whole idea of the Gamstop self exclusion service closer to you we are going to cover every aspect of what it offers, how to register and how to terminate it or avoid it if you don’t like it using websites not on Gamstop.

What Is GamStop?

GamStop is a service or rather a community that is gaining in popularity among gamblers that makes it possible to set certain limits and wouldn’t let you go beyond the limit you have set for yourself. Gamblers from the UK have the option to sign up for this self-exclusion scheme to make sure they limit their gambling on UK Casino online websites. The service isn’t permanent and doesn’t last forever because once you’ve signed up and you’ve been approved for the site, you can pick the amount of time you want to be excluded from gambling on casino UK online websites. It’s a voluntary service that you, as a person, can decide if you want to limit your online gambling but it’s not voluntary for the online casino sites in Great Britain. Online gambling websites were required by the Gambling Commission to participate and allow GamStop on their online casino so that people have the option to use it.

How GamStop Works?

Ever since it became mandatory for online gambling sites to have this option for players to use from the 31 of March it became very popular and players have been signing up to prohibit their gambling for 6 months, a year or even five years. The concept of how it works is quite simple and it requires you to fill in an application that needs to be approved. Once it’s approved, you can choose how long you want to be “banned” from gambling and that’s all.
You can choose from 6 months minimum to 5 years maximum. Make sure you’ve thought this whole thing through before picking a duration because once you’ve decided, there’s no going back, meaning GamStop won’t lift your self-ban before the time you set for yourself.
Even if you try to log in to your accounts, you won’t be able to gamble during the prohibition period because GamStop has all your information, including name, postal code and other details that every online casino needs to approve your gambling account. Trying to create a new account also won’t work because if the website has GamStop it’ll automatically deny you access to creating an account on that site.

How To Gamble With GamStop?

The easiest way would be to find an online casino not GamStop related and register on their site. All you need to do is find a gambling website that doesn’t have GamStop and you’re off the hook. So searching for some sites not covered by GamStop on Google is an option or you can check the websites we already found for you below.

How To Sign Up for GamStop?

The signup process is also very easy and simple. You have to visit their website first and make sure you read the information on it well so you know what you’re accepting and getting yourself into. Once familiar with everything, press the register button that is the third one in the header and it will redirect you to an informative page that further explains what GamStop is about. Read the information here carefully and once you’re ready to commit, press the start button on the bottom of the page. Afterward, the process is quite simple and all you need to do is follow the remaining steps and provide your information so that they can review your application and approve it. 

Pros and Cons of GamStop

GamStop can be a great platform to go for if you’re committed to limiting your gambling presence online or if you’re trying to get your gambling habit under control but just like any other platforms, this one has its pros and cons and they are:

Pros Cons
Great if you’re trying to take the first step towards quitting gambling If you change your mind, it’s almost impossible to get out of it
It’s a fairly good scheme with a noble cause Although it’s marketed as a self-exclusion scheme, you might be forced to apply for it by someone
Most of the popular online casinos in the UK have this service available It’s easy to circumvent it by going to an online casino outside UK
Great support staff Chance to get blacklisted by many casinos even after the ban ends

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