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AAA Music | 30 May 2020

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Best Music from Casino Movies

| On 29, Apr 2020

The relationship between casinos and movies has grown strong over the years. Many movie directors have used lots of amazing music for their casino movies, ranging from British spies to heist thrillers and more. However, there are some casino movies that have had more fame than others, as some of the most loved movies in the world were created around casinos.

Most of the serious gamblers play online and at Nektan.Casino they list reviews of the best Nektan casino sites. This article will examine the best music that has graced casino movies, applauding those movies that had music that were as memorable as their pictures. So, going straight to the point, we have come up with a list of the best casino movie music.


When this classic graced film screens across the globe, as directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese, it raised a whole lot of dust. Here, legendary actors like Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro killed their characters. The script was spectacular, the on-set shoots were top notch, and the costumes were the best you could have. They were the reasons why people loved the movie.

However, one of the outstanding elements of this movie is the soundtrack. This is one thing most of the movies from Scorsese are known for. They all come with electrifying sounds. Here, he did not fail, as tracks from Dean Martin, Roxy Music and Muddy Waters were used to bring spicy sound effects to the movie. Here, you have a masterful mix of songs and collections that blended so perfectly well.

Ocean’s Eleven

One of the most outstanding things about this is the cast, which includes an assembly of names like Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Brad Pitt. It hit home with the classic tale that made up the soundtrack. Tunes were taken from names like David Holmes, the Philadelphia Orchestra and Perry Cuomo to make it a pure Vegas affair. Inserting the Clair de la Lune exactly where and when it’s needed killed it, and made it one of the best used music pieces in modern day blockbusters.

Casino Royale

This has been commended as the movie that took Bond back to form, and one of the best the franchise ever did. It is a classic of the modern day, and is full of action. All throughout the film, you will enjoy great music, in line with Chris Cornell’s title theme. It starts with the ‘African Rundown’ and then ‘The Name’s Bond’ tune which gives an undiluted cinema effect. This soundtrack was composed by David Arnold, who has been on the Bond Series for a very long time, and it shows how powerful audio storytelling can be. That is why many people see Arnold and Cornell as the movie’s stars, instead of Daniel Craig.