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AAA Music | 28 September 2020

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How to Start a Music Career: 5 Tips for Success

| On 06, Aug 2020

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Did you know that Spotify has over 286 million active users in 2020? 

These statistics go to show that the music industry is as vibrant as ever. Online music has given more people than ever the opportunity to showcase their skills to the world. 

If you have a talent and are looking to start a music career what do you need to know? How can you learn how to start a music career from scratch?

Why not check out our in-depth article to find out.

1. Set Specific Goals for Yourself

If you want to “make it” as a musician you must first define clearly in your mind what “it” is. Do you want to perform live? Release albums? Go solo? Improve your technical ability as a musician or producer?

Once you have defined the answer to these questions you will be able to set the goals that will take you there.

You will need cash to start up your career. You may be able to find the cash for your first equipment by teaming up with financial institutions that specialize in loans for musicians.

2. Team with the Right People

If you want to create a successful musical career, you are going to need great people around you. However, it’s great that you play guitar or another instrument. However, there are a million other necessary tasks, many administrative, that you will not be able to handle yourself. 

Find people who are passionate about what they do. Passionate organizers, or people who believe that you have a talent and that it is in their best interests to promote you ar your best friends.

3. Be Professional

The music industry is about expressing your passion for music. However, unfortunately, when you are not in the studio or on stage, it can resemble a pretty normal day-job. 

Try to master your career both on the stage and off it. Learn the discipline and organizational skills that will make you a great musician and business person.

This may involve some mundane tasks: paying bills, setting appointments. However, this is as crucial as any other part of your music career.

4. Make the Right Contacts

The music industry is the ultimate example that shows that “it is not what you know but who you know”. After all, if the right people do not hear your music how will you get the big contracts?

It requires humility to make contacts in the beginning. However, persevere and before you now it large doors will be opening up in front of you.

5. Branding is Everything

Employing a professional branding agency can fast-track your career quickly. Instead of sharing your music on Instagram with everyone else, they will encourage you to advertise your branding on your own website. From there you can share your portfolio. 

Branding will help to create an image for you. So that in future when music industry reps and fans alike hear your name, they will immediately think of your branding and the image you have created.

How to Start a Music Career and Much More

If you have a talent and are looking to learn how to start a music career, you will know that there are few shortcuts. You will need determination, desire, and drive to reach your musical goals.

If you would like to learn more about career or lifestyle news, then we are here to help. Why not check out our other blog articles to see how we can help you today.