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AAA Music | 14 June 2021

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Buying Your Kid A Drum Set? Here’s What To Look For

| On 01, Sep 2020

Drumming is a perfect brain exercise that will potentially make you more intelligent because you have connectivity to your whole brain while drumming. Research demonstrates that the physical transfer of rhythmic energy through the brain directly synchronizes the brain regions. Children who regularly participate in music and are interested in playing the instrument reap more cognitive benefits. In this article, we are going to discuss what are the things to look for and consider when buying a drum set for your kids. 

Junior Drum Set 

If your starting drummer is less than eleven or twelve years old, they may have trouble putting anything on an adult drum kit and playing it all. Companies produce junior size kits where the drum diameters have been scaled down to enable both drums and kick pedals to reach smaller children. You can check out some reviews of the Best Drum Set for Kids available online.  Typically it describes everything you need to know, from vital terminologies to the highest quality drum sets on the market to make your decision easier. When children demonstrate that they have the motivation and the ability to actually play the drums, get a set that they can utilize as kids and continue using when they become passionate about playing as an older person.

Electronic Drums or Acoustic Drums

One of the most important considerations when determining which kind of drums to get is the space needed. Acoustic kits are much louder than electronic drums, often require a larger footprint, and may need some kind of enclosed practice space. Electronic kits are smaller, simpler, and fairly easy to use since you would not have to think about changing drum heads or tuning. Another major benefit of electronic drums is the integrated training functions that they also have. These help the aspiring musician to develop their timing and ability to improve essential skills. This could include integrated-in songs to which the participant can play along, making the activity and lesson more enjoyable.

Quality and Cost

The drums set performance and quality will define its purchase price. The lowest cost all in one package comes with a few reminders such as the shells would be functional, but the cymbals and hardware would probably be a little flimsy, possibly having to be changed in the immediate future if the kit is used frequently. To be completely functional, a drum set requires shells or the actual drums, cymbal stands, cymbals, bass drum pedals, and a throne. Before you purchase, be careful to examine every kit to ensure reach and size is not a concern. If the kid enthusiastically gets better on the drums and the set they started on gets a little small, perhaps it is best to switch to a bigger set. Luckily you do not have to spend too much money to get a decent intermediate drum kit. 

The best place to start drum shopping depends on the drummer’s age and a passion for learning. Drums can be designed differently and can be adapted to the style or desires of the users. A set for a beginner should include what they need to develop basic skills, without adding parts or hardware that can confuse the learner.