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Future of online slots: Is the end of the fruit machine in sight?

| On 15, Sep 2020

Ever heard of Charles D. Fey? He was the inventor of the world’s first commercially available slot machine back in the late 1800s, and we would absolutely love to see what he would think about the current state of the slots industry. It has changed by a remarkable amount over the last century or so, with the majority of games now appearing online. 

We’re not sure anyone back at the end of the 19th century would have ever anticipated slots making their way online, but here we are today, with all manner of online slot games at our fingertips at All this is predominantly good news for avid slot gamblers, however those of us that are still in love with old-fashioned fruit machines may not be so happy. This is because these machines may well be living in the last years of their existence due to online slots. Is the end of the fruit machine in sight? Let’s take a look. 

Virtual reality slots 

Nobody can say that the online slot industry isn’t good at making use of new technology, and the emergence of virtual reality is something that developers just could not ignore. Many online slot gambling analysts expect virtual reality slots to be the next big breakthrough in the market, something that could truly revolutionise the way we gamble online! 

In fact, there are already a few virtual reality online casinos in existence today, however these are still in the early stages of what could ultimately be possible. Some slot developers envision highly interactive virtual reality slot games that will end up looking like proper certified video games. Only time will tell what will really happen in relation to virtual reality and online slots, but one thing is certain: it isn’t going to be very good for classic fruit machines. 

Slots with outrageous bonus features 

The bonus features is where the modern online slot market seems to be putting the majority of its effort into, and no wonder, because this is almost definitely the best way to attract even more gamblers. The thing about bonus rounds is that they are simultaneously a lot of fun, and also quite lucrative too – it’s a win win situation! 

As time progresses you can expect to see even more outrageous bonus features created by online slot developers, something that is bound to affect the market performance of simpler fruit machine style slots. 

Classic fruit machine slots 

You might well be thinking that all of this technological advancement is bound to negatively affect fruit machines, however there has also been a resurgence in the vintage slots market, so all is not lost for this facet of the industry. 

Pretty much all online slot developers now have a range of classic style slots, for example, as many gamblers turn to the nostalgic embrace of old school fruit machines. 

The end of the land-based fruit machine? 

One thing that probably will end up happening over the next few decades is the decline of land-based fruit machines, something that is only natural as the world goes more and more online.