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AAA Music | 22 January 2021

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Expert Tips On How To Sell Concert Tickets To Fans Online

| On 13, Oct 2020

Hosting an event takes a lot of time and energy to plan. The success of any event is not solely reliant on the event itself but also relies quite a bit on the marketing aspect of it. There are plenty of ways to market, and that will change depending on a variety of criteria, and you have to consider them all in order to set yourself up for success. Here are ways to promote and sell tickets online for the next event you plan on hosting.

Establish a Venue

The first thing you need to consider when planning your next event is the venue itself. If you have already established your venue, this will allow you to consider how many people you are allowed in, as there are always restrictions in terms of the number of guests you can safely accommodate. If you are hosting a public event, some venues will market and promote through their own channels. This can save you some time and energy in terms of promotion, and will definitely get the ball rolling.

Set up a Ticketing Platform

Once you know how many guests you are permitting for your event, you will want to set up a ticketing platform. This will help you keep track of the total number of people you have as ticket sales come through. An event ticketing platform also makes the transactions easier to process. This removes the responsibility of having to manage that with each individual transaction and allows you to process your transactions safely and securely as well, as private credit card information is being shared. This platform will also be essential in guiding your online promotions to a landing page for visitors and customers to complete their transactions.

Choose Your Audience and Marketing Platform

Depending on your event, you will be catering to a specific audience. This can range with a variety of criteria that filters your market in terms of things like age and interest. Some platforms might have the age group you are catering to despite not being as popular with other media and other users. It all depends on who you want to market towards. Once you have determined your target audience, you will decide on what platforms you will market towards, as certain members of the public are more inclined to use certain social media platforms over others. 

You can choose to market through multiple channels, but some will be more effective than others. This is especially important to note if you are operating on a budget and cannot afford to utilize all the platforms and have to choose one or two to focus on.

Showcase Event

The marketing campaign will, of course, vary depending on what the actual event is and who your target audience is. If, for example, your event is a musical or theatrical show, you will want to showcase clips from previous shows. Musical performances can highlight the artist. Sporting events may utilize rivalries between athletes and teams. You need to cater to the marketing campaign of your event to what is going to draw the most interest.


One way to increase attention towards your event is to have those that are taking part in it do promotional shows and events to help bring people out. Setting up interviews on different platforms and channels can create and add to that buzz, allowing for fans and customers to engage with people. On different social media platforms, you can allow certain people, actors, athletes, or whatever primary roles are involved, to engage and interact with the public. This can be done through forums, videos, or live streams, all to help increase interest in them and the event.

Fear of Missing Out

When your event is running, if it is one that runs for an extended amount of time and not just a one-time event, you will want to have your patrons share your event. This can be done through photos and videos not only taken by you and your team but the patrons themselves. This helps increase the interest as there is a phenomenon for people to want to engage in something that is spreading around their social circles. If people see others at your event, they will want to partake in it as well, as they develop a fear of missing out, as more and more people engage with your event.

No matter how good your event is if people don’t see it, if people don’t know about your event, you aren’t going to see success. How you market your event will play a significant role in how your event does. Make sure you consider all the factors when planning your event, and prioritize marketing just as much as the other aspects.