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Five Reasons Why Online Casinos Are Better Than Real Life Casinos

| On 29, Oct 2020

It’s more difficult than ever to visit a casino in person and easier than ever to replicate the experience online. Online casino games have exploded in popularity in recent years with new sites opening regularly, giving gamers increased opportunity to play a hand or take a spin at their will.

Many casino goers have turned to the online world due to many factors, and as there are many benefits to playing online vs. venturing to your local gaming house, it’s unlikely the physical casinos will retain the same footfall as previous years.

Here, we’ll take a look at five reasons why online casinos are better than their real life equivalents.

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It’s not difficult to understand why people love spending their time and money in a casino. The feeling of live play is exhilarating, and what could be better than getting that feeling? Well, there is something.

Whilst there’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of a spin at the casino, there are many online platforms offering you the chance to get that feeling over and over with generous welcome offers. That means you get all the fun of the games and sometimes you’re not even paying for it! The majority of online providers offer sign-up offers which will give you a certain amount of credit as an incentive for choosing to game with them.

Bookies also offer occasional reload offers to retain your custom, so be sure to check your emails regularly as you may see benefits falling in, in the form of free credits or enhanced offers. The final key offer you’ll likely get with online casinos are loyalty points which will be able to be redeemed over time for rewards. These all make the digital options more financially appealing than their physical counterparts.

Cost Savings

Let’s stick with the financial aspects, as offers aren’t the only thing which makes online superior to real life casinos.

It’ll save you money and time far more than you think if you stay at home to play, rather than venture to the casino. Think about the time you’ll save. The travel time to and from the destination, the queuing to get in, the queuing to get to the table you want to play at, waiting at the bars for your drinks or food and let’s not forget the worst part – waiting for the taxi/journey home! That’s a significant amount of your own time wasted, when you could prevent all of that by playing at home. No wait times, no queuing – just you and your device and you’re free to spend all that extra time on whatever you please.

It’s not just the time savings though, the financial implications can add up too. The costs of transport, parking, food and drinks (which are notoriously expensive in casinos) and entry fees are just some of the avoidable expenses. All of these can be spared and reinvested by remaining indoors.

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Going out to the casino can be a grandiose occasion, filled with opulence and making sure every detail of your outfit is on point. Everyone is dressed in formal wear and it looks opulent. Only one thing could be better… being in the comfort of your own home in your casuals.

While it’s enjoyable to be dressed up to the 9s, that feeling can quickly wear off when you realise your shoes are pinching or heels are causing distress. You’ll feel infinitely better wearing some casual clothing and your slippers. Comfort is the key to feeling at ease and that’s what you need when you’re having fun.

When you’re not comfortable your mind can be distracted. And this is the last thing you want when making decisions on games as you need to be focused to ensure you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of winning. By having the right ambience at home, you can make sure your mind is in perfect condition for a fun time at the online casino.

If you’re not feeling it and want to walk away or take a break, it’s also much easier to put your phone or device down when you’re playing remotely than it is when you’re physically at the gaming house.

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Nietzsche once said ‘without music, life would be a mistake’, and this will resonate with many people. Music is emotive and incredibly important to everyone, and it’s not surprising considering the music industry is worth approximately £5.2 billion to the economy. Even better is the fact that there is a huge plethora of genres available to suit individual preferences.

Music is not only good for the soul, but it can be excellent for your concentration and study. If you go to a physical casino you’ll have no control over the playlists and there may not even be any music on – it could be a sporting event, or just the hustle and bustle of a busy club. If you play remotely however, you have free reign to pick your favourite playlist and enjoy each track as you spin and hit in your virtual venue.

It’s thought that listening to music you enjoy helps you to concentrate and work harder, and that can only help when making key decisions on whether you hit or stick, or whether you double up. Your mind needs to be completely at ease to make the best decision and having full control over the beats in the background can help you focus.


Now that your mind is eased, you’re comfortable and you’ve located the right offer to take, it’s time to do the research!

Casinos always have an edge on the punter (that’s why they say the house always wins), but if you’re playing online, you have the benefit of being able to research as you play.

If you’re in the casino and stuck on 15, you can be in two minds about what action is right to take, should you hit or stick? You’ll likely trust your instinct (which is often a bad idea), but if you’re at home you could study strategy to make sure you pick the perfect play.