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Are There Unlimited Multipliers in Slots?

| On 30, Nov 2020

With multipliers considered to be one of the best bonus features around, it makes perfect sense that the games developers would see increasing the way that their multipliers worked as a great way to entice players.  Not only would this encourage new players to play their slots games online but it would also increase the length of playtime and the amount of money spent on slots games by players who already played slots games.  But there are online casinos and games developers who were more inclined to run with this idea than others and it seemed that developers like BTG loved this idea from the start – view latest video slot titles.

Do All Slot Have Unlimited Multipliers

Not every slot game has unlimited multipliers available for you to try and get your hands on. Actually, very few slot games do. But there are specific things to look out for when you are wanting to find a slots game online where you can be entitled to unlimited multipliers if you are lucky enough to continue winning. You need to find a slots game with a cascading reels feature which is sometimes known as an avalanche feature in some slots online.  But this is only the start of being able to get your hands on the multipliers that continue to trigger as you also need to find slots online that entitle you to bonus rounds too.  How does this work though? 

How To Trigger Unlimited Multipliers?

To be able to trigger unlimited multipliers, you need to find a slot with an avalanche feature and then you need to trigger the free spins feature.  This is triggered in very different ways depending on which slot you are playing so make sure you are aware of what you are aiming for before you start playing.  Once the free spins have been triggered, the cascading reels are key to your success. The more you win, the more reels will continue to cascade and the more symbols will continue to fill your screen. Due to this, you are increasingly likely to be able to continue forming winning alignments.  For every win that occurs on the same spin, your multiplier will increase x1 so you want to aim for as many alignments on the same spin as possible consecutively.  As soon as you have to spin again, your multiplier will return to base level and you will have to start climbing the multiplier ladder again. 

Advantages of Unlimited Multipliers

The main advantage of unlimited multipliers is that they increase your credit so rapidly and turn a fairly small win into something really quite spectacular, even when you are least expecting it.  £50 on a x5 multiplier suddenly becomes £250, for example, and the figures just keep climbing.  Unlimited multipliers drastically add to the excitement of slots games online which is ideal for players who have been using slots games for long periods of time and are looking for a way to increase their enjoyment whilst using these hugely popular style of online casino games without having to learn how to play a different casino game which could be too risky for them to enjoy.