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AAA Music | 27 January 2021

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Bingo Around the World

| On 08, Dec 2020

Whilst it isn’t 100% accurate to say that the modern form of bingo was invented in 16th century Italy, most historians agree that it was the Italian lottery style competition Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia from back then that proved to be the essential foundation. Indeed, the history of bingo is actually an incredibly global and cosmopolitan story, as it spread from Italy to France, before stopping off in Germany and finally reaching its true commercialised form in America at the beginning of the 20th century.

By now bingo is played pretty much everywhere in the world, and the great thing the game isn’t really constrained by any kind of demographic like other examples of gambling games can be. For example, bingo is at home in schools as it is in care homes or people’s living rooms; it really is a truly universal game. This got us thinking – what is the position of 666casino bingo in other countries around the world? Keep reading to find out! 


Germany has had a lovely relationship with bingo for the last few hundred years, and unlike many other countries, they first used the game for educational purposes rather than gambling. Oh yes, Germany was the first country to pioneer the use of bingo in schools in the 1800s, using it as a vital tool to teach kids about various things from mathematics to grammar. 

By the 21st century bingo is also played by millions of Germans as a light gambling game used to unwind, relax and have social contact with friends, however it is still used extensively across German schools for educational purposes. 


Brazil is one country where bingo has historically been incredibly popular, however unfortunately for the citizens of this South American country they have been hit by draconian bingo laws time and time again. You see, bingo halls were banned strictly between 1943 and 1993, which meant that all bingo games had to be somewhat underground. 

Bingo halls were built quite rapidly after they were legalised, and for a while the Brazilian people could enjoy playing bingo in various bingo halls across the world. Unfortunately the government made bingo and bingo halls illegal once again in 2004. 


The flowering of the modern form of commercial bingo that we all know and love today simply would not have happened without the key work by a man called Erwin S. Lowe, an entrepreneurial businessman who came up with the idea of a universal set of scorecards. 

As you might therefore imagine, bingo is a huge hit in America, and is played by millions and millions of people pretty much every single week. 


The Japanese absolutely love playing bingo, so much so that they are regularly talked of as the No. 1 bingo playing country in the world. A lot of this is down to the post WWII adoption of American culture, as well as the fact that they have a fairly aging population.