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AAA Music | 2 July 2022

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AAA Music Approved: Séline Delcourt

| On 21, Feb 2021

Who are you and where are you from?

Hi there! My name is Séline Delcourt, I’m a French and Korean artist based between London and Luxembourg. I’ve lived in 7-8 countries and have always been involved in the arts—in addition to music, I’m a lover of film and fashion. Elements from those creative outlets are meshed into my sound and aesthetic. 

Having finished my studies at the University of Oxford, I’m pursuing my dream as a singer-songwriter. My music is soulful and cinematic, characterised by a melancholic beauty, honest lyrics and a powerful production.

What inspired you to get into music?

I’ve been on stage for as long as I can remember, singing , dancing, acting. Growing up, I didn’t think a career as an artist was possible—it was always a fantasy. Yet, I found refuge and a form of consistency in writing and singing. I felt compelled to create art, and I realised I couldn’t let that passion go. 

Like many artists, I have a range of different musical influences. I listen to a lot of RnB, jazz and electropop, but as a child I grew up on pop-rock, variété française and ballads. If I narrow it down though, I’d say some of my main influences are Cher, London Grammar, Sam Smith, Sabrina Claudio, Charles Aznavour and Amy Winehouse.

What have you done?

I’ve released my first two singles in the midst of a pandemic. They earned praise from industry veterans, received airplay from Luxembourg’s major radio stations and were featured in international publications. I got to work with people I’ve admired for years and I’m fulfilling a lifelong dream!

What truly is amazing and reminds me, especially on days when I’m feeling low, why I’m pursuing this crazy dream is to have people tell me that they were moved by my song. That’s the best kind of feeling—when you know you’re connecting with the audience and that what you create resonates with individuals. I’m also happy I get to stay true and authentic to myself and my creative vision, while continuing to explore the ways in which I can best express these.

What are you like live?

I love a moody and intimate setting. A play on lights, a power outfit and the idea that we’re in a cosy room together, where I’m able to connect with audience members and we get to experience something together. 

I can’t wait for a post-rona world in which we’ll be allowed on stage again, with fans in the same space! I hope I’ll be able to perform soon after releasing my debut EP.

What makes you different?

I’ve been told my deep and distinctive voice, powerful lyricsand cinematic production make me stand out. The fact I’m mixed race and have lived in several countries is also representative of the diversity in and fluidity of cultures in the world of today.

Personally, I also think that my lyrics play a big part in making my music distinguishable. I like to think of my songs as offering an escape: they’re worlds the listener can find solace in. Although rooted in personal experiences, they invite listeners to colour them with their own experiences and emotions. I think there lies a lot of power in a work of art that—although self-standing—welcomes and in fact requires interpretation in order to achieve its full potential.

Physical vs Downloading vs Streaming…How do you listen to music?

I confess, as I’m always on the go and listen to a wide range of different artists, I listen to music on streaming platforms, through headphones (studio ones when at home) or blasting through speakers. But I love vinyls, there’s something magical about them, and their sound has such a great texture.

Streaming platforms are a bit of a double-edged sword. You get to reach people worldwide and instantly, but I do find it promotes a ‘cult’ of numbers. This pandemic has highlighted how artists cannot merely live off revenue generated by streams. I’m not sure this would be resolved by an increase of physical album sales, but rather by a better distribution of the streams and a diversification of sources of revenue.

What have you been listening to?

Recent favourites on heavy rotation include Masego and Empara Mi, revisiting some of Lykke Li’s previous albums, a lot of nights spent listening to Sade and Rhye, and dancing to Elderbrook.

What are your aspirations for the future? 

I’d love to collaborate with more artists this year and hopefully get back on stage! I’m also thinking about working with a label… Most importantly, I’ll be releasing my debut EP this year, produced primarily by Roy Kerr (London Grammar, Birdy, Sir Paul McCartney)—so stay tuned!

Questions answered by: Séline Delcourt….