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Popular iGaming Industry Trends for 2021

| On 27, Mar 2021

The rapid evolution of the Internet and new technological advancements have brought remarkable innovations to the iGaming industry. Gamers have always been interested in new developments and breakthrough technologies. There is absolutely no fun in playing old games over and over again, as the main goal of the gaming industry is entertainment. If you are interested in the iGaming industry, here are some of the latest trends for 2021.

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is gaining popularity. Today, almost everybody, people of all ages, own a smartphone, and these gadgets are quite powerful. Both apps and mobile versions of popular casinos are now available to each and every player who’d like to place a bet on a virtual slot or play a couple of poker rounds on the go. Casino enthusiasts can easily access their favorite games on their smartphones and play them on their way to work, while sitting in a park or simply resting on a couch.

Many online casinos offer the latest trends in iGaming. Mr Bit, for instance, is a legit and trustworthy online casino platform that holds a Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license and offers a wide collection of games. Here, you will find everything – from classic slots to the latest blackjack games, from a splendid Live Casino to the best tournaments. Mr Bit Casino features fantastic bonus offers and numerous promotions to address the preferences of the different player types.

Live Casino

During the pandemic of 2020, live casino games became immensely popular. A live casino is a way for casino enthusiasts to interact with live dealers and enjoy gambling. It recreates the atmosphere of an actual casino, except you don’t need to wear a suit and a tie in front of your PC. This is the best way to increase personal connection and get the ultimate game experience. A live casino offers all players a quick peek into the world of actual gambling where they are able to see that all the games offered by a particular casino are real, played in real time. Now, you don’t need to travel anywhere to just place a couple of bets on roulette. A good way to save your time and money for a longer and more enjoyable game experience. It’s only logical to assume that live casino streams and games will be developing, and very soon they may be coupled with VR or Virtual Reality modes. It will then take gambling to yet another level.

3D Graphics 

Within the last 20 years, graphics have been changing to keep up with advanced technology. The iGaming industry has always been picking up on the latest international trends, and 3D video games have become a magnet for game enthusiasts. This field will keep developing in the future as game providers strive for a better, more authentic, and smooth casino experience.

Video game streaming

A decade ago nobody would have thought that online game streaming would become so popular. YouTube and Twitch are leading the way when it comes to streaming content, and entertainment in the field of iGaming is one of their top priorities. Video game streaming ranks first among the video game trends 2021 and it’s not going to lose its popularity any time soon.

The pandemic of 2020 accelerated things within the iGaming industry. What was slowly developing, now became a real trend. The rapid evolution of technology has led to the implementation of better and more modern advancements in the field, which, together with the infamous lockdown, resulted in a gaming boom of 2021.