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Best YouTube Downloader in 2021

| On 13, Apr 2021

The internet is popularly used to view all sorts of content worldwide. A number of online platforms have become widely popular for providing all types of content that users need at any particular time. 

With pictures and similar content, you can easily take a screenshot or download it from any device. However, it isn’t the same when it comes to videos.

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video-sharing platform in the world. Users go on YouTube for all sorts of videos, such as informational, entertainment, and educational. 

While you can watch the videos all the time, sometimes you may want to download them. Maybe you want to do it for offline viewing, or you think the video could be deleted. Regardless, using a YouTube downloader can be incredibly helpful. 

So, let’s look at the best YouTube downloader and see why it’s the best.

SaveFrom YouTube Downloader

When you’re looking for a YouTube video downloader on the internet, you may come across hundreds or thousands of them with a quick search. 

The overwhelming and frustrating part is finding the best video downloader. If you’re looking to download only one video, you will want to use an online tool. But, you will come across many downloaders that require you to download unnecessary and virus-ridden applications. 

To quickly download a single video, you can do the following with the best YouTube downloader online:

  1. Copy the link to the YouTube video. If you’re on a browser, you can copy the video’s URL easily. But if you’re on the YouTube app, you will have to find the share button and then click on “copy link” to get the video’s URL.
  1. Click on the YouTube downloader link above, and you should see the tool with a bar
  1. Paste the video’s URL in the “Enter the URL” area, and hit the download button
  1. The tool will process it and make the video ready for downloading
  1. You can click on download to start right away or click on the little arrow to select a different format to download.

On the other hand, you can do a lot more with this great YouTube Downloader. If you regularly find yourself wanting to download videos from YouTube, you can try the lovely extension. 

To use the extension for your downloads, you will need to add it to a browser. Fortunately, this extension supports most popular browsers, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. 

You can click on the same link above to get the extension on your browser. Once you have added the extension, do the following to download a video from YouTube easily:

  1. Open up any YouTube video on the browser that has the extension. 
  1. On the video page, scroll down till you see a green “Download” button
  1. Click on the button to save the video. Alternatively, you can press the little arrow to select a format that would be the most suitable for you.
  1. Then, you will have the video downloaded to enjoy offline whenever you like and to share. 

Besides these two, you can find several more ways to download videos from YouTube by clicking on the link above. You can use whichever you find the most convenient. If you’re thinking about downloading videos from YouTube, you might also want to download media from other online platforms. For instance, there are many videos on Twitter. If you ever want to download a Twitter video, you can just use the download Twitter video tool.