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AAA Music | 2 July 2022

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Why Are Record Players Making Such a Comeback?

| On 23, Jun 2021

Record players are making a comeback with the younger generation and are now considered to be cooler than a Spotify subscription. Millennials and Gen-Zers appear to enjoy the tangibility of records and turntables after using digital music platforms for so long. They are bonding with their older family members over a record player’s better sound quality and appearance. 

Turntables are a classic part of the music industry, and here’s why they are making a stronger comeback than ever.

You can start a collection with them.

Curating a playlist on Spotify doesn’t have the same appeal as flicking through vinyl’s in a store and choosing your favourite albums. Vinyl’s also gain value over the years, and in a few decades, they might be worth a lot of money – depending on the artists and albums you choose. 

If you are just starting with your record collection, why not ask your older family members about their collections back in the day? The chances are they may have a few vinyl’s stored in the attic ready to be dusted off and played on your trendy new player.

Records sound great

The analogue audio of vinyl is known for sounding far superior to digital copies. You can listen to the album while mulling over a glass of wine and absorb the music. There’s something about the easiness and portability of digital music that makes it fade into the background…

Invest in some speakers to go with your record player so you can listen to music with your friends and family at a party or special event. 

They are cool

Gen-Zers typically invest in a turntable because they like the vintage look and retro vibe. However, the younger generations have a thing for making older concepts cool again. Hello, 90s fashion making a comeback!

It’s no surprise that nearly half of all vinyl record customers are under the age of 25. Record players also make an excellent gift for your parent’s birthday or Christmas celebrations – just make sure they don’t already have one.

Record players in vibrant colours and groovy designs are making a huge stamp on the music industry at the moment. For example, neon-coloured old-school radios and turntable are popular with young music fanatics.

It helps your mental health. 

Sometimes all you need is ten minutes to listen to your favourite vinyl with a hot cup of coffee. Turntables are a great way to give your mind and eyes a break from screens and a chance to indulge in the art of music.