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AAA Music | 13 August 2022

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How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party

| On 03, Aug 2021

Group Of Male Friends Enjoying Night Out At Rooftop Bar

Bachelor parties are more than just gathering around some friends for a night out. It’s about celebrating the joys of having a single marital status before facing the responsibilities that marriage brings.

In a way, it’s like graduating: it’s a time to look back at a phase of your life fondly while celebrating what’s yet to come. Going from single to married is just like graduating: it requires partying. 

If you’re seeking to have the ultimate bachelor party, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to find out how to plan one and the best tips to host an unforgettable evening

Party Planning Is Essential

Bachelor parties involve way more than heavy drinking and facing a massive hangover the day after. For a successful one, planning is critical. 

Keep in mind that it’s best to keep your list of activities focused: don’t put a bunch of items, as it will feel more like a to-do list than a fun event. 

If the groom and guests expect a whole “bachelor weekend,” then schedule some downtime around activities. The best man, who is most likely to be the party planner, should set up two to three group outings, whether that’s a casino event, bar crawl, or ice bar evening in Vegas. 

Logistics are essential, so try to plan everything ahead of time and avoid spending unnecessary time moving from one place to another constantly. Use a party itinerary to make things easier.

In conclusion, remember that it shouldn’t feel like a tiring travel experience but an unforgettable evening. 

Guest List Is Key

Anyone who ever planned a party knows that sorting out the guest list is certainly one of the first steps.

Think about it: when you know who you’re going to invite (and how many of them), you can decide on other aspects such as location, food, entertainment, and so on. 

Consider whether the groom wants to have a traditional bachelor party (closest friends and family only, no partner included) or if he wants to try co-ed parties.

If they’re seeking something “modern,” maybe it’s time to host a joint party with their friends, bride or husband-to-be, and guests. 

Some guests worth including are the dads (both the groom’s and his future father-in-law) and perhaps, the groom’s fiancée’s brother. They’ll value the invitation, and you can still have a “wilder” time later.

Think about it: you can invite them just for dinner and a couple of drinks and later at night, perhaps go to ice bar vegas with the groom’s closest friends.

Just ensure these guests are aware they’re only being invited for the beginning of the evening (if that’s what the groom desires). Avoid miscommunication at all costs. 

Another thing to keep in mind is: set up boundaries from the beginning. Discuss with the bride or her siblings what can be considered acceptable conduct. Bachelor parties aren’t the time to create future drama. 

Find the Ideal Party Venue

The ideal location is key to a successful bachelor party. Ideally, the groom should provide the best man a list of potential venues. 

Then, together with the best man, the groom should decide on a venue, envision the party, and organize the ideal bash.

To make it easier, think of what kind of environment is ideal (e.g., relaxed, formal, entertainment-packed). It’s a great tactic to have a clue of what type of venue is best. 

Always pick a city and activities that the groom and guests are interested in. There’s no point in choosing an outdoor area if everyone else wants to celebrate indoors.

People should feel excited about this evening. They don’t need something to dread about. Make it fun. 

Must-Do: Bar Crawls

Bar Crawls can be an enjoyable activity, and frankly, it can be pretty affordable compared to other typical bachelor party activities (for instance, going to a strip club).

It can be interesting to rent a fun new ride, like a party bus or a limo, depending on the budget, as long as the guests stay together.  

In addition, consider adding a theme to make it entertaining. For instance, inform all the guests they have to dress like their favorite singer or actor for the occasion. Indeed, it will contribute to make it a fun, memorable time. 

To make it interesting for all the guests, maybe, ask them to inform the best man of their favorite bar before the bachelor party.

By planning a simple route, guests will eventually go to the bar they like and other places already recommended by someone in the group. It’s not the kind of evening you can risk going to a boring place: it has to be a night to remember. 

Here’s an idea: come up with a competition to spice things up. You can include challenges like, “the group that downs their drinks faster wins.”

After all the challenges (one in each bar), the losing group has to take any dare set up from the start of the competition. Surely, it will make things entertaining. 

Make an Unforgettable Bachelor Party

Special occasions require special celebrations, and a bachelor party isn’t different. Stock up supplies, ensuring the groom’s cup is never empty during drinks ahead of the evening outing. 

Get guests involved! Ask the groomsmen to suggest upbeat songs and set up a bachelor party playlist. While in the car (from one bar to another) or on the way downtown, everyone can listen to it! They’ll love to feel included. 

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