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AAA Music | 25 May 2022

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7 Best Online Piano Lessons That Help You Learning Faster

| On 09, Aug 2021

Author: Evette from Phoenix, Az

Has playing the piano been your desire for a long time? If yes, continue reading.

There are several lessons available online. For beginners, learning to play via YouTube is often the worst decision. You will hop from video to video without learning anything in between. You will end up confusing yourself. The piano lessons offered online ensure systematic learning and at your own pace. Lessons can be arranged when your schedule allows. Plus, there is no need to travel around carrying your equipment. Learn from the comforts of your home while munching your favorite snacks.   Learn more about online piano courses if you’re considering taking one.

Check out these 7 online piano lessons-

1. Introduction To Piano For Beginners 


This course uses simplified shapes to facilitate learning. The instructor is Simon Glenister. In the 1.5 hours of beginner lessons, you will learn how to anchor yourself, what is a chord, the shapes that will help you learn chords, and strengthen your left-hand ability. It concludes with a few compositions you can try out. Downloadable resources include class projects, group discussions, etc. There is a free 1-month trial available as well.

2. Learn Piano in 30 Days 


The aim of this beginner piano lesson is to teach you how to play by ear, how to learn chords, compose your own music and how to use both hands equally well. The instructor is Mark de Heide. Over 7 hours, you will learn a wide range of topics, including white keys, black keys, left-hand patterns, playing by ear, special keys, progressions, composition, song structure, piano scales, piano octaves, piano chords, etc. You can directly ask questions from the instructor.  Downloadable resources include class projects, class discussions, etc.

3. Piano Lessons For Absolute Beginners 


If you are a complete beginner, this online course could be for you. The topics covered include heys, chords, notes,  reading sheet music, etc. The instructor is Mantius Cazaubon. The lessons taught in this class include the white keys, keyboard layout, sharps/flats, half steps,  notes, chords,  scales, black keys, etc. Downloadable resources include class projects and class discussions. You get a certificate of completion too. Plus, this lesson is free of cost.

4. Skoove Online Piano Lessons 


This lesson is best for absolute beginners and individuals wanting to improve their skills.

A team of technicians and musicians developed and manned this lesson. The free version includes 25 beginner-level lessons. The upgrade to a paid subscription version that has over 400+ different lessons. Proper technique, playing by ear, classical music, hand positions, pop music pieces, etc are taught as a part of the lesson. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to tailor your experience so that it feels like one-on-one instruction.

5. Learn To Play Piano With Free Piano Lessons 


This online course contains a lot of video lessons that are ideal for beginners and those who haven’t played the piano for a while but want to take it up again. Jordan Leibel & Lisa Witt are among the team of music instructors. The lessons are categorized. Notes, scales, chord inversions, time signatures, and several fun and popular songs are among the many lessons taught. An abundance of content is on this site, and many of the lessons come with extra materials, making it a simple and quick experience. 

6. Learn Piano Basics in 7 Days For Complete Beginners


This lesson is designed to teach you to play 4 different tunes in just one week.  Michelle Huang is the instructor. Although these on-demand video lessons last for approximately an hour, the extra class resources will keep you occupied for a few hours each day you participate. There are downloadable resources too. In addition, you will get a certificate of completion.

7. In-Depth Piano Course 


You can take this course online if you want to learn traditional style piano in great detail. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to improvise at an advanced level. The instructor is  Mark de Heide. Over 24 hours of on-demand video instruction is available from beginner to advanced levels. The lesson covers chords, composing, hand placement, finger exercises, time signatures, splitting chords, etc. Extra resources include class projects and class discussions.

It’s easy to get started with online platforms because they’re cheap and straightforward.  You’ll be playing and writing songs before you know it, so start now.