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AAA Music | 24 January 2022

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Why Mahatma Gandhi Loved To Play The Incredible Concertina Accordion

| On 08, Sep 2021

Since the time of Mahatma Gandhi accordion has gained immense popularity thanks to the skill of famous accordionists. To become a virtuoso, you need to get an appropriate musical education and have a great desire to learn. Can I learn to play the accordion for free? In this article, we will tell you in detail how to learn how to play Best Beginner Concertina yourself.

How Does An Accordion Work?

It consists of the following main elements:

  • keyboards with keys,
  • fur (flexible part that stretches and contracts, creating air currents),
  • air opening valve (allowing the opening and closing of the fur without sound),
  • right shoulder strap (defining position during the game).
  • Accordions vary in size and number of keys. The best option for an adult musician or teenager is 26 keys and 48 bass. The children’s tool is much smaller.

Why Mahatma Gandhi Loved To Play Accordion

  • Mahatma Gandhi loved to play accordion because first, he would inspect the external appearance of the musical instrument to rule out the possibility of defects in the case. The most common types of exterior defects was scratches, dents, cracks, holes in the fur, broken belts, etc. Any deformation of the body will negatively affect the operation of the accordion.
  • Next, there was a direct check of the musical instrument for sound quality. To do this, he spread and flatten the fur without pressing any keys. This eliminated the possibility of air passing through holes that are not visible at first glance. Thus, the rapid release of air indicates the inadequacy of the fur.
  • Then check the quality of pressing all the keys and buttons (in that number, “dushnik” – button for venting). A quality accordion didn’t have any lagging or very tight keys. In height, all keys were at the same level.
  • He also check the direct sound quality by playing chromatic scales.  He used his ear to determine the tuning level of the musical instrument. No key or button on both panels was supposed to produce a wheeze or creak. All registers should be easily switched, and when another register is pressed, they should automatically return to their original position.

How To Start Learning To Play The Accordion?

He learned to play the accordion without notes. The expressiveness and dynamics of the game depended on this. To get started, he did a few simple exercises to get used to the accordion and to understand the principle of sound production.

  • Try moving the fur quickly while pressing the keys for a powerful sound.
  • Conversely, slow movement will produce a faint sound.
  • To amplify the sound, it is necessary to accelerate the slow motion to a fast one.
  • For the sound to fade, it is necessary to slow down the fast movement to the slow one.
  • A smooth sound is provided by the uniform movement of the fur.


Well, now you don’t have to go to a music school, if you have aspiration and perseverance, then you already know how to learn to play the Best Beginner Concertina accordion yourself. To learn how to play beautiful popular accordion melodies, you can use the video tutorials, which are a huge help.