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AAA Music | 24 May 2022

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How Music And Animation Come Together In Harmony

| On 30, Oct 2021

What music and animation have in common is that they are both forms of art. They can also come together to create something beautiful. However, music and animation are two different things. One is auditory (music) while the other is visual (animation). There are many ways music and animation can work in unison so read on to find out.

Telling Stories In Music Videos 

Music videos are an essential part of any modern musician and animated ones can create better ones. As most animation companies in Singapore will tell you, it’s crucial to have visual support for a hit single. This art form can add a lot to music videos.

In some cases, animation can help promote songs that have already been released by adding new life to them with eye-catching visuals that are appealing to those who may not have heard them before (The Beatles – Come Together, Pink Floyd – Julia Dream).

This form of music video has become popular over time because musicians want something different from their usual live performances or music show appearances. They also allow for more flexibility when it comes to choreography and production values compared to other types of music videos that feature people dancing. 

Background On Concerts 

Animations can add to live performances by bringing music to life. For example, in concerts where music is played by a band or orchestra, animations can be used as a background on the stage.

These effects will bring an extra element of life to music. For example, they can add a new dimension by making music more vibrant and adding an extra layer of complexity in the background. Consider it a new form of light show. 

Examples Of Musicians Using Animations

Lots of musicians use animations to tell a story. Sometimes they do this by music videos that go with their songs, sometimes by the music alone. And now more and more musicians are using animations as part of or even in place of music videos! Here are three examples:

  • Gorillaz made a career out of animated music videos
  • Arctic Monkeys (Do I Wanna Know)
  • Pink Floyd (The Wall movie)
  • Daft Punk (One More Time)
  • The White Stripes (Fell In Love With A Girl)
  • Dire Straits (Money For Nothing)

All of these examples, and many more, are timeless thanks to the animated music videos.

Music And Sound Effects Are Used In Animated Cartoons To Emphasise Moods 

Music is all about feelings and it can emphasize a mood very well. In cartoons, music and sound effects are used to emphasize a particular scene or character’s emotions. If music is played when a certain person appears on the screen, it helps create an emotional connection with that character even before they actually start talking or acting out their feelings. Just remember The Lion King or any other hugely successful Disney movie. 

The music also helps make light of serious situations, like when somebody is dying or when somebody is in a fight. The music and sound effects play the most important role in animation because it helps create a strong emotional connection with the audience. 

Animation is a huge part of modern music and it’s here to stay. You can make awesome music videos and fantastic backgrounds at concerts. There are tons of musicians who are famous thanks to these animations. It can also go the other way around as animation is enhanced by the moods music brings in in cartoons. They will become inseparable!