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AAA Music | 2 July 2022

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How To Put On A Successful Live Concert

| On 10, May 2022

As a musician, you’ve got big dreams — seeing your name up in lights, watching a sea of fans cheering after your first big performance. But you don’t need us to tell you that hosting a successful concert takes more than just musical talent. You’ll need to consider a ton of other factors, like seating capacity, marketing, location, accessibility, and safety. First time hosting a show? We’ve got you covered with some simple tips on choosing the right concert venue.

Is the concert venue accessible for the audience?

You’re probably expecting a decent crowd, which means the concert venue has to be accessible by public transport. Even if you’re just playing a show in your local community, you’ll want the concert venue you choose to be as easy to reach as possible.

Most concerts are held at night, and they tend to go on longer than the expected time scheduled. Check if the transport services run until or even past midnight. If the concert is held in the evening, make sure there are buses and trains still available for people to get home. Location and accessibility play a key role in drawing the biggest crowd possible.

What amenities are available nearby?

Holding a concert requires a lot of manpower. Before you book your concert venue, check to make sure there are lodging facilities in the area to accommodate all of the people involved in the concert, as well as attendees from out of town. 

Ideally, there should also be plenty of options nearby for food and essentials, like convenience and drug stores. This is a very important element to consider. Time is of the essence for performers and crew members alike, so aim to reduce travel time in case they need to get supplies at the last minute.

While it is hard to find a location that meets the needs of all the members of the production team, you can make a prior visit to the concert venue so you know what to expect.

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What is the layout of the concert venue?

Before you commence work, it is best to consult a team of experts to configure the space and execute the show exactly the way you want to. If there’s no event planning team on-site, hire individuals who have extensive experience in event management for live concerts. 

Make sure the concert venue has an elevated platform or seating areas for those seated at the back so they won’t miss a single moment of your performance. 

Work hand-in-hand with sound engineers to deliver the ultimate sensory experience. A comprehensive sound and lighting system can take your performance to the next level. 

Preparing a concert requires a lot of collaborative effort, so building a harmonious team is paramount. 

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Is there a way to boost ticket sales?

Putting on a concert can be very costly. If this is your first time organizing, you may find it difficult to raise the money needed to rent a space and hire equipment and crew. The good news is, there are many ways you can promote your concert to reach as wide an audience as possible.

First, check if the immediate vicinity of the concert venue has digital boards for sponsorship advertising. If that’s not in the budget, keep things simple with print and social media advertising.

While most transactions are now done online, first-time performers may not have a solid fan base. Ticketing booths at the concert venue can help drive last-minute sales. 

Another good way to secure more ticket sales is to offer early bird tickets. These discounted tickets become available before general admission, and they’re a great way to encourage people to take advantage of a good deal while it lasts.

You may want to request an extra space to set up a merchandise booth. Just be aware that some venues may require you to pay them a percentage of the merchandise sales. If you’re planning to sell merch, let the staff members of the venue know to find out what their policies are.

Safety is the number one priority

Does your concert venue have a stage or performance area in place, or do you need to construct it from scratch? Playing at a concert venue without a stage or performance area requires careful planning right from day one. If you’re planning to perform at an open-air venue like a stadium or sports field, you’ll need to rent a stage or hire a crew to set one up safely.

Does the weather in the area permit open-air concerts? Checking the weather forecast well in advance does not guarantee accuracy. In the event that there is catastrophic weather such as hail and storms, shelters or indoor spaces are needed that will accommodate a large crowd.

These are just two safety concerns you’ll need to consider when planning your concert. Your venue host or event planning team can provide more information on safety procedures.

Ticking all the boxes

Planning and hosting a concert is no easy feat. You’ll need to make sure that every part of the process meets safety standards so the concert can come together effortlessly. 

Never leave it to the last minute. Create a checklist of the items you wish to include in the concert and take the initiative to get in touch with the people you want to work with as quickly as possible.