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AAA Music | 27 September 2020

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The Best Workout Songs To Get You Motivated

25 June 2020 |

Working out compared to playing high stake online casino games can be a struggle. Almost all the times you have to dig deep for you to get yourself on a flexible yoga routine. Some even prefer a dread treadmill routine. … Read More

Is It Good to Listen to Music While Studying?

25 June 2020 |

Music, and all music is good, depending on the ear listening. It is food for the soul. Music entertains, brings back memories, and uplifts the spirit. Even in somber situations, music comforts the distressed people.

People of different persuasions listen … Read More

The Psychological Effect of Music: What to Play When Multitasking

22 June 2020 |

Smiling young African female university student sitting on a campus bench working on a laptop while preparing for an exam

Around 71 percent of employees believe they’re more productive when they listen to music. If your employer doesn’t restrict music … Read More

Fletcher Munson Curve: What To Know For Audio Recording

19 June 2020 |

Condenser microphone golden in the studio recording creating the sound effect for the content creator

Although sound frequencies may follow standard actions, different people may have varying audio experiences. Case on point, audio recording operations need to cater to a … Read More

How Live Streaming Could Transform Las Vegas Entertainment As We Know It

16 June 2020 |

Think of Las Vegas and you think of casinos, gambling, and bumper entertainment events such as live music concerts and world title boxing matches. Millions of people pass through the city’s establishments every year looking for the ultimate entertainment experience … Read More

Cardio Drumming: Know it All

16 June 2020 |

Any drummer will tell you that what they do is a workout as much as it is an expression of art and creativity. When you’re playing drums, you’re basically putting your entire body to use and you’re operating at … Read More

5 Guitar Maintenance Tips to Ensure Better Performance

10 June 2020 |

Have you just bought your first guitar? Are you learning how to strum your way to a more musical you?

If so, then there’s one important thing that you need to know. If you want this investment into your musical … Read More

How to choose the best guitar pick for your style of play?

3 June 2020 |

There are many things to consider when choosing the right guitar pick; some are mentioned below:


If you are not comfortable playing the guitar, you can never progress. Achieving comfort will allow you to become loose while playing and … Read More

The Relationship Between Travelling and Music

3 June 2020 |

Have you ever asked yourself why online casino games especially slots games consist of some great sound effects? Well, the whole idea is to bring life to your gameplay making sure that you have an exciting gaming experience and win … Read More

Turn It up Loud! The Top 10 Benefits of Attending Concerts for Your Favorite Bands

30 May 2020 |

Ask around and you’ll find that most of your family, friends, and acquaintances love listening to music.

But ask them how many of them had attended a concert, and you may find quite a few blank stares.

Attending a live … Read More