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AAAmusic Approved: Ariana & the Rose


AAAmusic: Who are you and where are you from? My name is Ariana DiLorenzo and my project is called Ariana & the Rose. We’re an indie-pop/electro outfit based out of New York City. I started the band after graduating from New York University about three years ago. I had been working all through school as an [...]

Salif Keita + Seckou Keita – Live @ The Barbican


Tuesday 8th April, London “The king and his griots”: even without presentation, you already know, at first glance, who is the one on stage to have “blue blood” in his veins. He is the worthy heir of Sundiata Keita, the founder of the Malian Empire, and among the multitude of epithets which have been bestowed to [...]

AAAmusic Approved: Matt Stevens

Matt-Stevens Featured

AAAmusic: Who are you and where are you from? Matt Stevens. I’m from a place called Rushden but I now live London. I’ve been doing the solo stuff since 2006, I made an EP in 2007 and Lucid is my fourth solo record and my first for the Esoteric label. Lucid took three years as [...]

Big Deal – Live @ St Pancras Old Church

big deal 1

Friday 28th March, London Grimm Grimm is perfectly suited to Big Deal’s support slot. He plays droned acoustic music, which would comfortably fit into the realms of the lo-fi genre. His songs such as ‘Hazy Eyes Maybe’ are docile and at times discordant, combining audio and electric elements provided by his bassist that joins him [...]

Hauschka – Live @ Café Oto


Wednesday 26th March, London Volker Bertelmann, better known as Hauschka, is something more than a musician. He is a craftsman, a skilled music artisan able to shape, model and tweak the sound of a piano as often and in the way he wants to do it. He is also a committed researcher, who has made the [...]

Dan Croll – Live @ The Scala

croll 6

Wednesday 26th March, London Jack Garratt is the first of two supports opening up for Mr Croll. Garratt channels a James Blake-esque set, his songs featuring deep bass and pounding beats that reverberates through your chest. His vocals are soulful with a distinctive heartwarming tone that is complimented by the electronic minimalism which morphs into [...]

AAAmusic Approved: Mountain Bird


AAAmusic: Who are you and where are you from? I’m Adam. I’m born in Stockholm, Sweden. I produce, mix and write music under the name Mountain Bird. I started this only two years ago in order to have a medium to vent my feelings through; to have someone be there and listen to how I felt… [...]


Group shot - UB40

British singer and songwriter Ali Campbell was the lead singer and founding member of reggae band UB40, which has sold over 70 million records world-wide. He’s extensively toured the world for 30 years. Interviewer Anthony Weightman chatted to him ahead of his April 2014 tour. Anthony Weightman: Ali, my best wishes to you in April when [...]

AAAmusic Approved: The Peckham Cowboys

Photo by: Beki Cowey @ Bekitakespictures

AAAmusic: Who are you and where are you from? The Peckham Cowboys (as most fans know by now) came into being during an impromptu jam session at Guy Bailey’s house in Peckham on the occasion of his birthday a few years back. There followed a number of other “fun jams”, which were really an excuse for [...]

Evian Christ – Live @ Oval Space


Friday 21st March, London Evian Christ is on a roll. Since the former bedroom producer dropped his highly addictive mixtape Kings And Them in 2012, via Tri Angle (arguably the most interesting label of the past three years), Christ has quickly become the UK’s premier instrumental hip hop producer; being picked by Kanye West from [...]