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AAA Music | 22 October 2020

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A Chat With Sulpher

24 April 2012 |

Daniel Cairns chats with Sulpher about their up and coming new album and their amazing warm up show that is happening at the London Purple Turtle on May the 4th, the band havn’t played for a longtime so this … Read More

A Chat With Jezabels

19 April 2012 |

AAAmusic: How was the UK music scene compared to the Australian music scene?

Both scenes have world class acts to offer I think.  There’s a great mix of different genres that can be found in  both territories.  The thing with … Read More

A Chat With Paul Thomas Saunders

19 April 2012 |

AAAmusic: Tell us a bit about yourself and your music.

My name is Paul Thomas Saunders. People often think I’m younger than I am. My music is written, recorded and produced from the same room in my house in … Read More

A Chat With Maps & Atlases

12 April 2012 |

Rupert Uzzell had a chat with Maps & Atlases ahead the release of Beware and Be Greateful. Here’s what he discovered!

AAAmusic: What can people expect from your new LP ‘Beware and Be Grateful’, released next week?


I … Read More

A Chat with Midori Hirano – MimiCof

11 April 2012 |

A Japanese electronic mind in Berlin.

I met Midori in Pisa, Italy on November 2009, when she came to my hometown to play a concert for our music promotion project called Stazione57.

Midori is a delightful artist with classical … Read More

A Chat With Gus G

10 April 2012 |

Chat with Gus G, Guitarist of Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne, about the guitars he loves and Firewind’s new album ‘Few against Many’, and how he juggles all his time to keep rocking 24/7.

AAAmusic: How hard is it … Read More

A Chat With Matt Cardle

8 April 2012 |

Daniel Cairns chats to Matt Cardle about his life before and after X-Factor and his Indie and Rock background.

When I interviewed Matt I found there was much more to this popstar than just being an X-Factor winner. … Read More

A Chat with Jacqui McShee

3 April 2012 |

Pentangle have made innovative music since the late 60s and early 70s when they dominated the music scene and helped make British folk rock international.  Jacqui McShee’s voice remains rich and uniquely beautiful. Access All Areas Music interviewer Anthony … Read More

A Chat With Blacklisters

28 March 2012 |

Orna chats with Blacklisters, here’s what she discovered!


AAAmusic: Your album is due to be released very soon, how would you describe the sound of BLKLSTRS?

Like early Queen mixed with late Monkees. Its Status Quo meets Megadeth. Like … Read More

A Chat With Triptykon’s Victor Santura

27 March 2012 |

Daniel Cairns talks to Victor Santura about Celtic Frost and their influence on Triptykon.

AAAmusic: How does Triptykon differ from Celtic Frost in sound?  

Victor: This is a very interesting question, it’s the first time that somebody … Read More