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AAA Music | 14 July 2020

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A Chat With Deathstars

4 March 2012 |

Daniel Cairns meets up at the massive 02 Arena in London to glam it up with sexy symbol Cat Casino, where they talk about the magic of death glam and what porn stars he likes.

AAAmusic: This is probably … Read More

A Chat With Julien-K

4 March 2012 |

Daniel Cairns chats with Julien-K about how difficult life can be when you have drugs and the whole world is an Orgy.



  • Ryan Shuck – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Amir Derakh – Lead Guitar, Synthesizer
  • Anthony … Read More

A Chat With Clock Opera

3 March 2012 |

Clock Opera join resident Controller Huw Stephens and this month’s Guest Controllers The 2 Bears at the Topman CTRL 2012 launch party.  #Topmanctrl /

Daniel Cairns chats on the phone with Guy Connelly of Clock Opera about Topman and other … Read More

A Chat With Twelve Feet Clay

26 February 2012 |

First of all Twelve Clay Feet, thank you for talking to us and congratulations on your debut album “Totem Bells”.

AAAmusic: Can you tell us a little bit about the process of making this record?

We started almost entirely … Read More

A Chat With The Popes

19 February 2012 |

AAAmusic: Your new album ‘New Church’ is a brilliant piece of work. Can you tell us a little about the writing and recording of it?

Paul: We started Writing the songs for New Church almost immediately after the … Read More

A Chat With Ronny Moorings of Clan of Xymox

19 February 2012 |

Daniel Cairns meets up with Ronny Moorings and asks him about the past and the future of Clan of Xymox

AAAmusic: The band has been going for a long time and do you miss any of the old members?

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12 February 2012 |

Acoustic Alchemy has shown great persistence and an extraordinary energy over a 25 year period. Despite serious tragedy, the success of the group is reflected through the many songs which have become contemporary classics.

In 1987 Nick Webb and … Read More

A Chat With Saturday Night Gym Club

11 February 2012 |

AAAmusic chats to Saturday Night Gym Club! Find out what we discovered!


AAAmusic: Okay, starting with the obvious: where on earth did your name come from?


Revising for finals, knowing that a bender could easily result in … Read More

A Chat With Cold In Berlin

5 February 2012 |

Daniel Cairns up with Cold in Berlin and asked them what 2012 has in store for them!

My:Vocals Adam:Guitar and Bozley – Bass

AAAmusic: In my last review I said you were one of the music industry’s biggest secrets, … Read More

A Chat With General Fiasco

1 February 2012 |

AAAmusic had a chat with General Fiasco: here’s what we discovered!


AAAmusic: What strikes me about ‘Don’t You Ever’ is how “pop” it sounds. Would you call yourselves a pop group?

No I wouldn’t say we where a … Read More