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AAA Music | 22 November 2019

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A Chat With Saturday Night Gym Club

11 February 2012 |

AAAmusic chats to Saturday Night Gym Club! Find out what we discovered!


AAAmusic: Okay, starting with the obvious: where on earth did your name come from?


Revising for finals, knowing that a bender could easily result in … Read More

A Chat With Cold In Berlin

5 February 2012 |

Daniel Cairns up with Cold in Berlin and asked them what 2012 has in store for them!

My:Vocals Adam:Guitar and Bozley – Bass

AAAmusic: In my last review I said you were one of the music industry’s biggest secrets, … Read More

A Chat With General Fiasco

1 February 2012 |

AAAmusic had a chat with General Fiasco: here’s what we discovered!


AAAmusic: What strikes me about ‘Don’t You Ever’ is how “pop” it sounds. Would you call yourselves a pop group?

No I wouldn’t say we where a … Read More


4 December 2011 |

Live @ The Brighton Dome, December 1st 2011

Dweezil Zappa, son of Frank Zappa, was preparing to perform the classic 1974 album Apostrophe with his band, Zappa Plays Zappa.

Access All Areas Music interviewer Anthony Weightman spoke … Read More

A Chat With Nitin Sawhney

8 November 2011 |

Nitin Sawhney, Anglo Indian musician, producer and composer fuses Asian and other worldwide influences with jazz and electronica. He has firm views on multiculturalism, politics and spirituality. Sawhney is also keen on the promotion of arts and culture. He … Read More

A Chat with The Birthday Suit!

17 October 2011 |

Josie had a chat with Rod from The Birthday Suit, here’s what she discovered!

AAAmusic: Hi Rod, how are you?

I’m good thanks.


AAAmusic: Tell us a bit about how The Birthday Suit came to be.

I guess … Read More

AAA Music Chats To Tubelord!!

3 October 2011 |

AAAmusic’s Josie Payne chatted to Tubelord’s David: here’s what she discovered!

AAAmusic: Hiya guys, how are you? It’s been a pretty packed year for you with all the festivals over the summer and the European tour, any highlights so far? 

Read More

Channel Cairo’s Josh Bowyer Chats To AAA Music

31 August 2011 |

AAAmusic: Hello. It’s a bit difficult thinking of questions off the top of my head, given your site already has an “about” FAQ style section that deals with the usual interview fare! Anyhow, I noticed you refer to … Read More

A Chat With Deep Cut

26 August 2011 |

Katie H-Halinski talked to Deep Cut and discovered a lot of interesting things ahead of their release!

AAAmusic: Hello, first things first: your sound could be loosely described as shoegaze, but this isn’t 100% accurate on listening. What would you … Read More

A Chat With Macks Faulkron

26 August 2011 |

Orna Lyons had a chat with Macks Faulkron – here’s what she discovered!

AAAMusic: Do you channel your real life influences when writing songs? I guess I do and I guess subconsciously when I think I’m not, I … Read More