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AAA Music | 10 August 2020

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A Chat With Baron Bane!!

15 July 2011 |

AAAmusic chatted with Baron Bane – here’s what we discovered!

AAAmusic:  What’s the meaning of the album title “LPTO”?

LPTO is our second album. It could also indicate that we’re very interested in tractors.

AAAmusic:  Which are … Read More

A Chat With Thomas Dybdahl

30 June 2011 |

AAAmusic had a chat with  Thomas Dybdahl on Jeff Buckley and Cecilia… Find out more!

AAAmusic: How do you feel in being compared to Jeff Buckley?

Thomas Dybdahl:  It´s certainly not a bad thing… could have been a lot … Read More

Latitude Festival Interviews – Part 2

28 May 2011 |

Find below the second series of interviews with performs at Latitude festival.

This week’s instalment includes I Am Kloot, Salena Godden, They Might Be Giants, Carly Smallman, Doc Brown and Tim Crouch

They Might Be Giants (John Flansburgh) – … Read More

Latitude Festival Artist interviews

12 May 2011 |

On the occasion of the Latitude Festival, Villagers, Carl Donnelly, Idiots Of Ants, Ella Hickson and Anna Calvi, all performing this year,  answered some questions about the festival, read what they said:

Villagers – Music Arena

1 – Who … Read More

A chat with Dan Hipgrave from TOPLOADER

14 March 2011 |

AAAMusic chatted with Dan Hipgrave from Toploader about personal identity, old and new music and Toploader new album of course…

AAAMusic: First of all, welcome back. What has kept you away for 9 years?

Dan Hipgrave: Has it been … Read More

A Chat With Kill It Kid

7 March 2011 |

AAAmusic met with Chris Turpin, the voice of AAAmusic’s beloved Kill It Kid. Here’s what we found out!

AAAmusic: Tell us once again how you guys got together as a band?

Chris Turpin: We met in Bath. Me and … Read More

AAA Music Meets A Genuine Freakshow

5 March 2011 |

AAAMusic chatted with A Genuine Freakshow about their new album and how to conciliate seven heads…

AAAMusic:Your new single is completely different from previous releases. What’s behind this change in musical direction?

A Genuine Freakshow: I don’t think any of … Read More

AAA Music meets Phamie Gow

3 March 2011 |

AAAMusic met the brilliant Phamie Gow, find out what she told us about her love for harp, piano and singing:

AAAMusic: Your curriculum is incredible: you are a harpist, pianist, singer and composer. Let’s start with a simple question: … Read More

AAA Music meets Teddy Thompson

25 February 2011 |

AAA Music had a good chat with Teddy Thomspon, read what he said:

AAAMusic: Let’s start from the album title: why did you chose the word Bella, which is not a track featured on the album?

Teddy Thompson:Read More

A chat with Josh Bray

31 January 2011 |

AAAmusic chats with the talented Josh Bray!

AAAmusic: How does it feel to await the release of your debut album? Josh Bray: It is extremely exciting and to some degree nerve wracking (although it is hard to distinguish … Read More