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AAA Music | 7 April 2020

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A Chat With Dubstep Sensation AZZXSSS

20 November 2010 |

AAAmusic: How did the project come together?

Shigeru Tanabu aka Solid State Soul (SSS): I first worked with Azzurro when I played guitar on his record “Nagisa” from 2007 and kept working together since. After a while, I was … Read More

Dog is Dead: “Don’t ignore your hometown!”

12 September 2010 |

Dog is Dead are one of the most exciting acts in the UK, definitely one to watch. Unless you live under a cage, you must have heard Young – their latest single. If you haven’t shame on … Read More

The Lysergic Suite:’If someone goes into a trip ‘coz of our music I’m happy’

18 August 2010 |

AAAmusic chats with Gren Spencer from The Lysergic Suite about the EP “Ghosts on Crusade” and the collaboration with Kasabian…

AAAMusic: How did The Lysergic Suite project start? Gren Spencer: I started a few years … Read More

Damian Kulash:’I want to spend my life doing things that i’m proud of!’

11 August 2010 |

AAAmusic met with Damian Kulash, lead singer of the art oriented OK Go, and talked about music industry theories, art, videos and much more!!

AAAmusic: ‘Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky’ is definitely different from your previous records. … Read More

Orphan Boy:’A band should lock themselves away from the world’

9 August 2010 |

AAAmusic chats with Orphan Boy and discovers pretty interesting things…

AAAmusic: Tell us about the single ‘Popsong’: what is the idea behind it?

Oprhan Boy: The song existed in a previous incarnation which we came back to. This time … Read More

Bearcraft: ‘Nick Cave demonstrated the force of duende’

7 August 2010 |

Photo Credit: Simon Fernandez

AAAmusic chats with the talented Bearcraft and discovers many interesting things about this year ‘one to watch’!

AAAmusic: Tell us about the album: what has inspired you, what is the concept behind it?

Bearcraft: Yestreen is … Read More

Derek of The Agitator “Bring on the proliteriat-sub-art-groups!”

22 July 2010 |

AAAmusic chats with Derek of The Agitator! Find out what we discovered!

AAAmusic: Tell us about the single ‘Get Ready – Let’s Start Marching’: what is the idea behind it?

Derek: The “idea” behind the single was to … Read More

Eliza Doolittle talks about the new album & a special dream…

2 July 2010 |

AAAmusic had a chat with Eliza Doolittle – who’s releasing the single ‘Pack Up’ on July 5th and the self title debut album on July 12th – about her acting career and future plans. Here’s what we found out!

Read More

fun. Nate Ruess chats with AAA Music

24 June 2010 |

photo by Elizabeth Weinberg

AAAmusic: Why did you choose fun. as your band name?

Nate Ruess: We picked because I didn’t like the name “ice cream” very much at all, but I liked the emotion that it sums up. … Read More

DEVO – Gerry Casale On Their First Album In 20 Years

31 May 2010 |

AAAmusic: To start off with, I must ask you why you waited 20 years to release the new album?

Gerry Casale: It was now or never. Mark Mothersbaugh’s war of attrition ended and made it possible.

AAAmusic: The sound … Read More