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AAA Music | 1 July 2022

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Live | AAA Music - Part 75

Interpol @ Heaven

20 September 2010 |

London, 15th September

Maybe I’ve been in the dark about this, but it wasn’t until I actually saw Interpol live that I began to fully comprehend the depth of their fan’s adoration. Sure, all bands have their devotees, but somehow … Read More

Ólöf Arnalds @ Bush Hall

16 September 2010 |

[cincopa 10758621]

London, 14th September

It has been 4 years since Ólöf Arnalds, driven by the grief and raw emotion of the loss of her father, first stepped into the studio to record her debut album Við Og Við. Produced … Read More

Charlene Soraia @ 12 Bar Club

15 September 2010 |

London, 1st September

The small and unique venue of 12 Bar Club created an intimate ambiance perfect for the chilling vocals of Charlene Soraia. The crowd was made up of no more than about a dozen people who sat on … Read More

Little Fish @ Proud

15 September 2010 |

London, 8th September

Little fishes grow up. They show up for the fist time as rough diamonds. Then, after two, three, four times you have seen them, they display all their rage, finally perfectly channelled like a well-oiled machine.

When … Read More

Philadelphia Grand Jury @ The Lexington

15 September 2010 |

[cincopa 10755957]

London, 10th September

Australia’s Philadelphia Grand Jury exploded onto the stage at a packed Lexington on Friday night. Possessing an energy beyond most bands, they burst into an exciting opening rendition of ‘I’m Going To Kill You’.

Any … Read More

The Jim Jones Revue @ Madame JoJo’s

14 September 2010 |

London, 2nd September

The Jim Jones Revue launch party couldn’t have been blessed by a better crowd presence: not only Madame JoJo’s was sold out, but among the audience were Liam Gallagher and members of Grinderman!!

Packed with energy, The … Read More

Thrice @ Electric Ballroom

12 September 2010 |

[cincopa 10751996]

London, 26th August

There are times a gig must be pitched nigh-on perfectly. For example: a massive drama involving arriving late to a sold-out gig, an ill companion with no ticket, visiting touts (yes I feel like scum) … Read More

Absynthe Minded @ Water Rats

12 September 2010 |

[cincopa 10751987]

London, 6th September

Despite an awkward start due to violinist Renaub Ghilbert cigarette incident on stage (who doesn’t know you are not allowed to smoke indoors?!) and lead singer Bert Ostyn living the rock n roll star dream … Read More

Mountain Man @ St. Giles

5 September 2010 |

London, September 2nd

I’ll admit, when I discovered where I’d be seeing Mountain Man live Thursday night, I jumped for joy a little. The venue was St Giles, and having previously seen the band at a similar venue, Union Chapel, … Read More

Spectrals @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

31 August 2010 |

[cincopa 10735105]

London, 23rd August

The Hoxton Bar & Kitchen is full even if it’s Monday,  with three bands playing. The second one catches my attention. Louis, the singer and the soul of Spectrals, is a red – haired and … Read More