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AAA Music | 20 August 2019

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Grinderman – Heathen Child

30 August 2010 |

Once again, Nick Cave has decided to, well, do something else. He’s been in The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds, he’s been an author, and now he’s released yet more material with his newer band, Grinderman. And let’s just … Read More

Love Amongst Ruin – So Sad (fade)

28 August 2010 |

I’ve been a Placebo fan for years. I loved the itchy, girly and disturbing vocals mixed with a sound that to me spoke louder than words and expressed what I felt as a teenager and then a young woman. … Read More

The Jim Jones Revue – High Horse

23 August 2010 |

High Horse is a pure burst of Rock and Roll right down to the last detail, with its lively piano mixed with immense guitar riffs you can’t help but get up and move. The best way to describe it, … Read More

Richard Ashcroft&The United Nations Of Sound-United Nations Of Sound

8 July 2010 |

Richard Ashcroft comes back with a new solo album, supported by United Nations of Sound, a group of top American soul players.

It’s not an easy album, it contains a lot of religious references, Richard seems to be affected … Read More

Lady GAGA – Alejandro

22 June 2010 |

At present Lady Gaga is a fucking icon, you can love her or hate her, but that’s a fact. We haven’t seen such a phenomenon for ten years at least, I can remember last Madonna’s changes (from Frozen to … Read More

Wang Chung – Abducted By The 80s EP

17 June 2010 |

Re-emerging from the 80s Wang Chung – the project led by Jack Hues, which with Dance Hall Days left an indelible mark (and of refined quality) on the easies decade of the last millennium. The new album is the … Read More

Kylie Minogue – All the lovers

13 June 2010 |

Kylie Minogue is back in style with this catchy dance pop tune. All the lovers is whispered in your ears, Kylie’s voice is at its full seducing potential, and it works.

Produced by Stuart Priced and written by Kish … Read More

Richard Hawley – False Lights From The Land EP

6 June 2010 |

The ocean, with the deep blue water, waves and the magical underworld hiding beneath it has always attracted artists. It may be the sense of calm before a storm, it may be the sense of impotence we feel towards … Read More

Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles

5 June 2010 |

I first heard of Crystal Castles as an impressionable teenager two years ago, they were raved about in every magazine I could get my hands on (I.E = NME) as purveyors of music that was more like aural terrorism … Read More

Far – At Night We Live

1 June 2010 |

It’s seems yesterday that Far split up. As many other fans, I never thought about the possibility of a reunion, let alone a new album. Instead, Far took us all by surprise and here I am, reviewing their comeback … Read More