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AAA Music | 26 May 2022

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 110

No Machine – On Ebay

7 November 2010 |

‘On Ebay’ is one of those strange songs that you know that you should like but are left feeling a little bit like you have been short changed. The vibe is mellow which is in contrast to the huge … Read More

Vessels – Meatman Piano Tuner Prostitute

7 November 2010 |

Yes, that is indeed the name of a track, and in a direct contrast to the everything and the kitchen sink name, the song itself is a restrained and blissfully eerie five minutes of subtle bass tones caressing a … Read More

Young Guns – Weight of the World

4 November 2010 |

Young Guns after the critical acclaimed debut album “All our kings are dead”, released the single Weight of the world. They are a good band with good songs, but they are not very original, their music is inspired by … Read More

Ulterior – Sex War Sex Cars Sex

4 November 2010 |

We asked two of our contributors to review Ulterior new single. Below what they thought!

Some bands feel like their natural environment is to be wreathed with a choking fog of dry ice as strobe lights flicker madly off … Read More

The Good Natured – Be My Animal / Prisoner

31 October 2010 |

The electro pop of Sarah McIntosh, aka The Good Natured, is as catchy as sugary. Praised by the likes of Q Magazine and The Sunday Times, TGN, from Newbury, promises to be massive for the forecoming winter.

Be My … Read More

Soul Conspiracy – Geezer Sneezer

31 October 2010 |

Simon Van Kesteren is a versatile artist; he’s nor a dj or a performer neither.  Van kesteren, aka Soul Conspiracy, is ‘only’ interested in enlarging the sound range possible and imaginable for house music; he remains in the darkness of … Read More

Paloma Faith – Smoke and Mirrors

31 October 2010 |

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last twelve months then Paloma Faith will certainly be on your radar. Known as much for her quirky personality as for her music, Faith has been selling out venues … Read More

Black Gold – Shine (Remixes)

26 October 2010 |

Black Gold’s ‘Shine’ is nothing short of a brilliant track. Some will recognise it from its appearance on the soundtrack of ‘Valentine’s Day’ but even without having heard it previously, there is something immediately recognisable about it. Vocals that … Read More

Nadirah X – Here It Comes

25 October 2010 |

‘Here It Comes’ is the latest single from Jamaican born hip pop artist ‘Nadirah X’, featuring a sample of Eurythmics’ ‘Here Comes the Rain Again’ mixed with Nadirah’s own heartfelt lyrics to produce a single of beauty that leaves … Read More

Love Amongst Ruin – Home

25 October 2010 |

Love Amongst Ruin are one of my favourite bands at the moment. Steve Hewitt has proved that he can be an amazing front man and I verified that seeing him live. I was absolutely astonished by his charisma and vocal … Read More