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AAA Music | 4 July 2022

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 111

Klaxons – Twin Flames

24 October 2010 |

Following on from the release of the band’s second album Surfing The Void in August this year, comes ‘Twin Flames’ – a return to the psychedelic roots of a band that have struggled to produce a record since the whirlwind … Read More

Sensorites – Just because you can

24 October 2010 |

Sensorites may not hail from Merseyside originally but the influence of Liverpool on their music is undeniable. If there is a sound of the city then this is it summing up the feeling of a generation in three undeniably … Read More

South Central – Demons

24 October 2010 |

After a two year break from releasing music, South Central return with ‘Demons’ the first taste of their new album ‘Society Of The Spectacle’ that is set for release in 2011. The best way for me to describe what … Read More

The Answering Machine – Animals

24 October 2010 |

The Answering Machine return with ‘Animals’ the lead track from their new album ‘Lifeline’ and it is clear from the first thirty seconds that the band have not lost their love for catchy hooks and insatiable melodies. The bass … Read More

Canterbury – Calm Down

24 October 2010 |

Following the free download of over 20,000 copies of their critically acclaimed debut album last year, Canterbury are back with their new single Calm Down, from their forth coming EP ‘Twelve Months’.

The title of this single may seem … Read More

Lauren Pritchard – Not The Drinking

21 October 2010 |

Somewhere between country, folk and R&B styled hip-pop you’ll find Lauren Pritchard crooning ‘Not The Drinking’. Despite the distinctly folk-tinged opening on acoustic guitar, this is first and foremost a radio-facing pop single. Pritchard’s appealing and tuneful voice, with … Read More

The Screening – You Look Much Better In The Dark

18 October 2010 |

The Screening are a four-piece band from Leicester and I cannot avoid to note that this city is generating a very interesting music movement obviously headed by Kasabian. Their debut single “Diem”, was a good piece of indie rock … Read More

Youthless – Golden Age

18 October 2010 |

Hey guys take a look at this brand new wave duo from Portugal: they are Youthless, and aim at conquer UK with their debt single “Golden Age”, a delicious garage – dance – rock mixing DFA 1979, Male Bonding … Read More

Grand Central – My Star

17 October 2010 |

If you told the Hannan brothers that we’re not in the 1990s anymore, they could probably react like Hiro Onooda, the Japanese soldier who fought the World War II and surrendered only in 1974 in the Philippine Islands.

This … Read More

Superhumanoids – Urgency

17 October 2010 |

What I particularly like about ‘Cranial Contest’ is that it is undeniably simple and, in honesty, just darn good. The perfect modesty of the first forty seconds bursts into this huge sounding chorus that could have been made even … Read More