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AAA Music | 4 July 2022

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 112

Mono Stereo – Me And My Machine

14 October 2010 |

‘Me And My Machine’ is one of those tracks which seems to defy one’s expectations but in an entirely non threatening way. A slow building track is normally one of the most frustrating things about a song but in … Read More

The Wanted – Heart Vacancy

12 October 2010 |

The Wanted continue where they left off with a dose of sickly sweet pop which seems to last longer on the tongue that it does in the mind. In fact the lyrics are actually somewhat ridiculous; the central concept … Read More

Eliza Doolittle – Rollerblades

12 October 2010 |

Eliza Doolittle is charismatic young singer from North London who produces a set of off-kilter, kitsch melodies accompanied by erudite lyrics informed by her love of retro pop, Motown classics and the stresses of modern life…sounds pretty familiar doesn’t … Read More

Our Lost Infantry – Parkin

11 October 2010 |

On first listen Parkin may seem like your typical indie fare, and admittedly, it doesn‘t exactly reject the norms of the genre. Dig a little deeper though, and you’ll find Our Lost Infantry have actually put together something quite … Read More

Alev Lenz – Song for Sea

11 October 2010 |

Alev Lenz’s Song for Sea is a beautiful little track. As understated as it is lovely, the track is defined by Lenz’s delicate (though nonetheless confident) vocals – the simple beats and riffs that accompany Lenz do make their … Read More

Francis Neve – I won’t make you better

11 October 2010 |

I Won’t Make You Better is the kind of track that manages to say a whole lot, yet remain seemingly effortless while doing so. Francis Neve’s gentle vocals mirror the music itself – suitably restrained yet simmering with emotion. … Read More

Tobacco – Fresh Hex

11 October 2010 |

‘Fresh Hex’ by ‘Tobacco‘ is a strangely wonderful track born psychedelic funk pop heaven, emphasised by the feature of Beck, who added his touch of warped lyrics to the blurred melody of sound entitled ‘Fresh Hex’.   

Author: Khadija Pandor

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Dutch Uncles – Fragrant

11 October 2010 |

‘Fragrant’ is the brand new 2 track single from the Manchester five-piece ‘Dutch Uncles’, it is lovely little piece of futuristic indie pop, the melodies are upbeat and fun. the lyrics are simple and to the point. An all … Read More

Mitchell Museum – Tiger Heartbeat

11 October 2010 |

‘Tiger Heartbeat’ starts innocuously enough but builds into a little piece of joy guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The wide reaching influences that Mitchell Museum cite are entirely evident here as it is almost impossible to … Read More

I Am Austin – L.A.F.S

11 October 2010 |

I Am Austin’s latest effort ‘L.A.F.S’ is one of those tracks which will probably follow you around indie clubs for a while to come. Somewhere between Death From Above and a stadium rock band, there is something about this … Read More