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AAA Music | 24 May 2022

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 113

Orphan Boy – Some Frontier

7 October 2010 |

Hailing from Manchester, Orphan Boy are closer in style to the NME described “resurgence of Manchester Guitar Music”. This basically means that they don’t sound like Oasis and the like. And this is true, they don’t, it does rattle … Read More

Mojo Fury – The Mann

6 October 2010 |

Mojo Fury, four Irish guys from Belfast promise to give a shake to the music with their powerful debut single The Mann. They are no greenhorn getting hold a stage for the first time, they have already opened Biffy … Read More

Frankie Rose & the Outs – Candy

4 October 2010 |

‘Candy’ is the latest single from five-piece Brookyln born band, Frankie Rose and the Outs. It is a beautiful melody of the pop sound, infused with an element of iconic late 1960s/ early 1970s girl band.A simply lovely single.

Read More

Morcheeba – Blood Like Lemonade

4 October 2010 |

Morcheeba’s Blood Like Lemonade may be conventional in some ways, but is by no means generic. Aside from the steady background beat and sporadic flashes of a bluesy guitar melody, the presence of instruments is kept to a minimum. … Read More

Seerauber Jenny – Push It Away/Waste of Time

26 September 2010 |

Seerauber Jenny is the brainchild of Brighton born Fran Barker along with former Mint Royale man Neil Claxton and if anything, it’s definitely interesting. Coming across like an introspective, synthy Arcade Fire, Push It Away pushes a frantically strummed … Read More

Dinosaur Pile Up – Mona Lisa

26 September 2010 |

Ok, I’ve never made a secret of my love for Leeds grungers Dinosaur Pile Up, they can do no wrong in my mind. They have the right mix of irreverent humour, kick ass riffs, Sebadoh Heaviness and Ash melodies … Read More

Tokyo Police Club – Bambi

26 September 2010 |

‘Bambi‘ is the latest single from the Tokyo Police Club, and it is awesome. ‘Bambi’ is a sweet 2:25 track of electronic indie. The vocals reminded me a little of Brandon Flowers, only less melancholy, and the synthesised keys … Read More

Foxy Shazam – Oh Lord

26 September 2010 |

Oh Lord is the latest release from up and coming American group Foxy Shazam, following Unstoppable as the newest single to be taken from their forthcoming self-titled third album. Although only a relatively young band, Foxy Shazam have already … Read More

The Xcerts – Young (belane)

26 September 2010 |

Rock and roll. It’s a beautiful thing, and anyone who says differently needs to have a long think about how meaningful their lives are. Thing is though, it’s becoming rare in todays musical landscape for four teenagers to sling … Read More

LZ7 – This Little Light

25 September 2010 |

It is on very rare occasions that I listen to a song that I literally have nothing positive to say about; unfortunately this is one of those occasions. Even if something is not my personal cup of tea there … Read More