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AAA Music | 24 May 2022

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 114

OK GO – White Knuckles

25 September 2010 |

So by now everyone must know it is impossible to review an OK GO song without out mentioning the incredible choreographed and creative video that will inevitably accompany it. And yep you guessed it, they’ve filmed another one-take video … Read More

Max Raptor – Ghosts

22 September 2010 |

Readers may have, in their travels of this website, noticed my rave gig review of a band called Max Raptor. Given the phenomenal energy and effort they put into their live sets, I would quite happily say that they … Read More

Sound Of Guns – Elementary of Youth

22 September 2010 |

Early on in my career, I was left distinctly underwhelmed by Sound Of Guns’ album. Now they’ve released the next single from aforementioned album: the rock-edged ‘Elementary Of Youth’.

Sound Of Guns are, for all intents and purposes, yet … Read More

Pint Shot Riot – Hazy Days

22 September 2010 |

What is immediately apparent about ‘Hazy Days’ is that it sounds relatively raw; this automatically grabs the attention as too often artists feel the need to release tracks that have had the life “cooked” out of them! In this … Read More

Loadstar – Link To The Past

22 September 2010 |

Xample & Lomax return under the new moniker Loadstar; already well known in the underground, the only way is up for the duo with what can only be described as an absolutely sensational track. ‘Link to the Past’Read More

Erland and the Carnival – The Derby Ram

22 September 2010 |

Erland and The Carnival are quite rapidly becoming known as the face of modern folk (at least in the U.K), and with good reason, too. The Derby Ram, their latest release, is a celebration of the conventions of folk … Read More

Dreamend – My Old Brittle Bones

20 September 2010 |

‘My Old Brittle Bones’, the latest release by Dreamend (Ryan Graveface), is a saccharine-sinister ballad, the delicate finger-picked guitar intro giving an undeniably cute, almost twee feel to the song, but underneath, there is a dark distortion that rises … Read More

Dog Is Dead – Young

20 September 2010 |

Nottingham’s Dog Is Dead return this week with Young, the follow up to their critically acclaimed single Glockenspiel Song. What’s interesting about Dog Is Dead is their ability to bring seemingly unrelated genres together into a coherent whole. Vocally, … Read More

Musée Mécanique – Fits and Starts

20 September 2010 |

Musée Mécanique – the San Francisco reference is definitely apt here. From the opening moments of Fits and Starts, you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported to a scene that wouldn’t seem out of place in a rose-tinted flashback to … Read More

Pendulum – The Island

20 September 2010 |

Pendulum got a great success reaching the top of charts with Immersion, a very remarkable album.

After two strong singles, Watercolour and Witchcraft, two catchy tunes that immediately creep into people’s head they choose to release The Island as … Read More