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AAA Music | 25 May 2022

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Singles | AAA Music - Part 116

Sleepy Sun – Marina

6 September 2010 |

Marina is the latest single from Californian blues inspired rockers Sleepy Sun, and an amazing example of there ability to produce a versatile and unique sound with ease.

Marina starts off with a full burst of Hendrix era blues … Read More

Les Shelleys – Rum and Coca Cola/Green Door

6 September 2010 |

AAAmusic asked two reviews on the new double A single by Les Shelleys! First read Lorenzo Coretti’s one, then Francis Windram’s: they both agree it is a classic release!

Author: Lorenzo Coretti

Timeless! The total absence of caring about … Read More

Fyfe Dangerfield – Barricades/She Needs Me

6 September 2010 |

Despite his name, Fyfe Dangerfield is in fact as gentle and romantic as a movie-cliché slowdance among clouds. His new double a-side release consists of two sentimental piano ballads: ‘Barricades’ and ‘She Needs Me’.

‘Barricades’ is the much more … Read More

Royksopp – The Drug

5 September 2010 |

Starting with a brief intro that sounds like a flanger pedal taking flight, Royksopp’s new single ‘The Drug’ is a gentle electronic instrumental tenderly constructed from a sparse handful of loops that echo around one another on tiptoes. Even … Read More

Ten City Nation new double-A side single ‘Hidden Shallows’/’The Air Is On Fire’ released on the 20th of September!‏

3 September 2010 |

Ten City Nation formed in 2007 in their small UK hometown, Bury St Edmunds.  In May 2008, they self-released their eponymous debut album as a free download through their website.  In August 2009 they did the same with the … Read More

Groove Armada – History

2 September 2010 |

Cato and Findlay have 13 years experience behind the mixing desk and their ability to stay on the borderline creating both a catchy tune and a new musical tendency is pretty much second to none.

Groove Armada don’t fail … Read More

Grinderman – Heathen Child

30 August 2010 |

Once again, Nick Cave has decided to, well, do something else. He’s been in The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds, he’s been an author, and now he’s released yet more material with his newer band, Grinderman. And let’s just … Read More

Love Amongst Ruin – So Sad (fade)

28 August 2010 |

I’ve been a Placebo fan for years. I loved the itchy, girly and disturbing vocals mixed with a sound that to me spoke louder than words and expressed what I felt as a teenager and then a young woman. … Read More

The Jim Jones Revue – High Horse

23 August 2010 |

High Horse is a pure burst of Rock and Roll right down to the last detail, with its lively piano mixed with immense guitar riffs you can’t help but get up and move. The best way to describe it, … Read More

Lady GAGA – Alejandro

22 June 2010 |

At present Lady Gaga is a fucking icon, you can love her or hate her, but that’s a fact. We haven’t seen such a phenomenon for ten years at least, I can remember last Madonna’s changes (from Frozen to … Read More