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AAA Music | 25 February 2020

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Antlered Man

AAA Music Approved: Antlered Man

20 November 2013 |

AAAmusic: Who are you and where are you from?

We are Antlered Man from London, a small place called Bermondsey.

We hold no real candle for the place and don’t know if it inspires any part of … Read More

Antlered Man – Live @ OPEN

11 November 2013 |

Friday 8th November, Norwich

Planet Of Sound is a showcase of the heavier side of grunge, punk and metal. The emphasis is on international and national acts plus the best local noise-makers, to regularly assault your ears in the … Read More

ANTLERED MAN – The Devil Is Them!

24 October 2013 |

The dictionary definition of unique is “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else”. Whether London-based Antlered Man are aware of this I cannot say, however they certainly fit the bill.

A lot of thought … Read More


Win Antlered Man Tickets!

27 February 2012 |

AAAmusic and Meanfiddler are giving away a pair of tickets for the


Plus NAtely’s Whore’s Kid Sister

And Turbogeist

London Electrowerkz 08 … Read More

Antlered Man announce release of second single ‘Outrages 1 ta 3’ with 25 Hour Convenience Store on June 13th

26 May 2011 |

“This is a new kind of beast, Antlered Man has emerged as some unholy hybrid of QOTSA and Akron/Family. Part rock, part folk, part otherworldly. Big riffs combine with whistling, flute, violin and shredded slide guitar. Beware world, a new … Read More