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AAA Music | 16 January 2021

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buffalo bar

Last All Teeth tomorrow night! with The Helmholtz Resonator!!!

15 June 2011 |

!!Last All Teeth this Thursday @ Buffalo Bar!!

The Helmholtz Resonator & Van Greason playing LIVE!  

Yes it’s true. It’s an end of an era. This weeks All Teeth will be the last of our regular slots at the … Read More

COOKIES Launch night at the Buffalo Bar

23 May 2011 |


The Buffalo Bar launches a new club night this Friday

From the ashes of the Don’t Feed Oscar club night comes a new night offering the most exciting bands that have the desire to straddle the genre’s. Friday … Read More

All Teeth This Saturday // Those Handsome Animals LIVE

20 April 2011 |

With Those Handsome Animals LIVE

This Thursday All Teeth returns to the Buffalo Bar, London, kicking off the May Bank Holiday off in style! The mischievous little club is know for having a great party atmosphere and has … Read More

Those Handsome Animals live at Buffalo Bar

19 April 2011 |

!!All Teeth this Thursday @ Buffalo Bar!!

Carrying on from are fantastic St Paddy’s Day Party, All Teeth will be showcasing some truly pumped bands for you to get into and to have and to hold until death do … Read More